What You Should Know About The Best Pcp Air Rifle


Do you have a PCP rifle? If not, then you definitely are missing out a great thrilling experience of using a Best PCP air rifle.

What is a PCP air rifle?

A PCP rifle is a unique gun that operates by using a pre-charged pneumatic function to propel the pellets out of the barrel. The pressure is created through compressing the air into the gun pressure tank using a hand pump or a scuba tank whatever option you have available to the desired level of pressure you need. It usually ranges from 2700 to 3000 pressure per square inch.

The rifle can be bought in .177, .22 and .25 calibers.due to the fact that these guns use a pre-charged pneumatic function by using the air pressure inside the tank, it is quite obvious that the pressure reduced every time you shoot a pellet. And that’s why each time the velocity and the trajectory of the shot is changed. While using these rifles you should keep in mind that the first few shots are cost effective and the effectiveness becomes lower as you go on using the air pressure. And in order to achieve the desired pressure you will have to recharge when you see the pressure gauge show a lower level inside.

While selecting pre-charged pneumatic rifle, you will have to make sure about the total shots in one pressure chare and out of which the number of shots that will be effective. You can choose a PCP rifle by analyzing and comparing the features and picking the one that has the maximum capability to fulfil your goals.

Top 5 Best Pcp Air Rifle

1. Crosman Benjamin Discovery PCP Dual Fuel

Benjamin Discovery PCP Dual Fuel

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If you have got to get pre-charged pneumatic air rifle that gives you extreme ease while using it then, this Crosman   rifle would work well for you. It has an accurate and easy shooting capability. You don’t have to take care about the temperature and the pump function during its use and you just have to fill it up and experience the extraordinary rifle functions. The specialized 2000 psi fill ensures an easy filling with a hand pump that is there along the gun. Another advantage of having this rifle is, its dual fuel capability.

This rifle has the ability to function by using the compressed air function and also can function by using CO2. The CO2 adapter is not included in the package, but it is cheap and you can easily have it separately as an accessory. And using this adapter this rifle turn to use the CO2 operation that enables an easy filling capacity by using a standard paintball tank. This dual fuel function provides the user an ability to use the rifle in multiple conditions and situations and hence it can be used for indoors and outdoors as well. The rifle comes with a caliber of 0.22 and shoots with a velocity of about 900.00ft/seconds. For customer satisfaction, it has a 1 year back up warranty to cover any issues you might have.

2. Crosman Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle

Crosman Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle

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This Crosman Marauder air rifle has a caliber of 0.177 , while it is also has .22, .25 options if you need so.  The rifle works fit for small gaming, or field targeting purposes. It has a PCP or pre charged pneumatic capability with a pressure range from 2000 to the 3000 psi level. It comes with an extremely quite functioning and gives an accurate shot to the target through its choked barrel and also an internal shroud.

The trigger has a high grade 2 stage function that makes the user shoot smoothly and easily. It has the capability to give 20 shots in one fill and also has a magazine with auto indexing clip of about 10-shots to utilize. It can shoot pellets up to 1100 fps velocity. The rifle can easily be filled with a hand pump or a pressure tank. The rifle can easily be handled, filled and used by using its pneumatic functions and high quality shooting capability. This rifle has the ability to help the user to shoot the target with accuracy and precisions without any delay to make sure the target is not missed.

3. Gamo Coyote PCP Air Rifle

Gamo Coyote PCP Air Rifle

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This Gamo Ciyote comes with a pre-charged pneumatic function for great speed and accurate target shooting. The bolt action and the 10rd rotary clip, that is also removable provides the user with a unique and controlled, customizable rifle functioning. The rifle has dovetail grooves measuring 11mm with no open sights. It has a hammer forged rifled BSA barrel of steel and also has a valve that is self regulated to reduce the efforts needed to operate the rifle for and gives it complete control for upto 232 bar or 3.365 psi.

It has a custom action trigger that is 2 stage adjustable for easy trigger control and release. In addition to the easy operation and functions of this rifle that also comes in .22 and ,25 caliber it also has a well structured body exterior. It comes with a well designed rubber buttpad textured grip to provide manual safety while using it. It weighs about 6.60 pounds.

4. Hatsan AT44PA PCP Air Rifle

Hatsan AT44PA PCP Air Rifle

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This pre-charged pneumatic rifle by Hatsan has a user friendly design and operations that makes it easy for you to capture your target and shoot with higher accuracy. It is a PCP 10rd repeater with a pump action of 200 bar that is 2900 psi.It has a maximum fill value of about 180cc and a pressure gauging feature. It has a 1/8 probe to give 80 shots per fill when you have a 0,177 caliber rifle. And if you have its variants like ,22 it has the maximum value of 70 shots out of which 30-40 are effective for sure, with .22 caliber and in 0.25 caliber you can have 60 shots.

It has an ambidextrous thumbhole rifle stock to ensure your full control over the rifle. The front sight of this rifle  is adjustable and using the Truglo fiber features the sight can adjust with the windage. It accepts weaver mount, but it is not recommended. The rifle also comes with an anti-double feed technology to prevent the loading of more than one pallet at one time. It has an anti-knock system that prevents the chances of air exhaust when you have got your rifle dropped. In addition to these features the rifle also comes with a fill adapter  a bleed valve 2 of the rotary clips  and O- rings for your safe and secure and accurate shooting experience.

5. Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle

Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle

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This Benjamin Marauder rifle with a 10 shot repeater feature comes with all important functions and easy operation to make shooting an easy task. It also has an auto-indexing feature to help the new user use it easily. All the new rifles come with a synthetic stock and an improved and advanced pressure valve for better performance. The rifle can easily be adjusted and operated using various velocities. It is a very quiet gun and the internal shrouder makes it a calm gun that works perfectly. It also has a two stage trigger made of metal.

It has choked barrel that ensures great and accurate shots. The easy loading of the gun is ensured by the  circular shaped magazine. It comes with an 11mm dovetail barrel without the sights features. It has a built in gauge for pressure balance and a 7.30 pounds air reservoir that ends up with a male easy-disconnect fitting to provide you with fast and easy refill. The rifle has been upgraded through a depinger that  provides the rifle a capability to lower the ping to the lowest level. Also the valve quality has been increased to give you more shots like for .177 and .22 calibers you will get 32 shots for sure. The rifle comes with a 1 year warranty time period.


All of the above mentioned products have the capability to deliver you maximum accurate shots in one recharge and can also provide you with excellent experience in using these rifles. Just make it sure that you don’t confuse number of effective shots with the total shots per recharge and keep an eye on the pressure gauge also. You can select any of the above mentioned products  according to your shooting needs, and you can bet on its performance.

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