For long range shooting every hunter needs to have an excellent concentration and the best timing.  In the same way to choose the best long range scope guns also, hunters need to go through every minute detail of the gun. Never rely on advertisements while buying long range guns always, go through their specifications and calibers.

The long range hunters must also have proper judging and accuracy skills. If the skills are applied on the right scope guns, the chances of missing the targets are negligible. A long range scope rifle is a perfect tool for the hunters who are passionate about hunting. Through long range shooting, hunters enhance their skills and are more attracted towards this adventurous activity.

What is a best long range scope rifle?

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Hunting is undoubtedly one of the most audacious activities which provide immense pleasure to the hunting lovers. Tools like long range scope rifles add more adventure and excitement to the activity. A long range scope rifle is perfect for shooting targets which are at long distance from the shooter.

A long range scope gun needs to be precise and powerful and must also have the right scope. If the scope of the guns is not proper the shot may be useless. A big shot may be missed by few inches with an improper scope.

When it comes to choosing a long range rifle you might get confused if you go through the advertisements and the reviews. Few ads are misleading and hence you must yourself compare the features of the gun while choosing one for yourself. While buying long range scope rifles focus on the quality of the glass, objective size and the zooming range. The gun must also possess proper power and have a good adjustment range.

There are dozens of long range scope guns manufacturers which include Leupold, Bushnell, Nikon and many more. Every manufacturer has assigned heavy price tags to the gun and has also advertised their product well. Now it is your decision to choose the right gun which is worth the price to be paid.

After reviewing many products, we have prepared a list of the top 5 best long range scope rifles which must be possessed by every long range shooters.

Top 5 best long range scope rifles

The rifles mentioned below are reviewed as the best 5 rifles in the market. They have a great performance and efficiency to shoot long range targets.

1. Vortex Crossfire II 1-4*24 mm Riflescope w/V-Brite Reticle

Vortex Optics Crossfire II

Want to have a rifle with a multipurpose scope? The crossfire 2 is perfect for that. It is a perfect rifle with a perfect swing and great focus which allows you to target the distant preys. The name crossfire is kept to signify the crosshairs inside the rifle which allows you to see through any kind of environment.

  • Optical System: The vertex crossfire has various reflective coatings on almost all the air to glass surfaces. This increases the transmission of light. There is a knob to adjust the settings. It is perfect to practice your passion even on cloudy days or in dusky days. The view through the scope is clear and nice and it can be operated as you wish to.
  • Size and Magnification: This scope looks great and has a great magnification capacity. It can zoom through the targets in any condition with its controllable zoom and focus feature.
  • Zero Reset: The hunters need not re-adjust everything all they need to do is reset the rifle back to zero and again aim their target by changing the light and distance combinations.
  • Eye Relief: The eye relief feature cannot be compromised in any gun. This gun provides relief to the eyes for a long time. Therefore, you can use the gun for a prolonged hunting trip.
  • Waterproof and durable: The length of the tube is 30 mm and is perfect for accuracy and an enhanced visual performance. The tube also ensures that the gun is strong and water-resistant. The O-ring seal ensures water proof and fog proof feature in the rifle.
  • Reticle: The dot at the center for aiming the targets is illuminated using V-Brite. The illumination is empowered by the battery so that the hunters can see through the scope even in low light conditions.

2. Nikon ProStaff 4-12 *40 Black Matte Riflescope

Nikon ProStaff 4-12 x 40

Nikon also presents a multicoated rifle with an excellent optics system and a magnificent range. The 4-12 *40 allows the hunters to fire shots virtually. Even in dim light and contrasting situations this gun is perfect for shooting.

The generous and constant relief to the eye provided by Nikon boosts the confidence of the shooters and encourages them to shoot the rodents.

  • Optical system: The optics of the rifle is great. There are various layers of coatings on the rifle which illuminates and delivers a clear image of the target. The illumination coatings used on the glass transmits 98 percent of the light to allow the hunters to see through in low light conditions also.
  • Size and Magnification: If you want something compact which can easily be carried then this one is perfect for you. This small sized rifle has a 12 times magnification quality which can zoom through the target which are at distant areas. The 40 mm lens efficiently gives a crisp and clear view of the target through the scope.
  • Zero Reset: The gun has a spring loaded adjustment knob which can be lifted to reset the rifle back to zero. It can re-engage the sight of the rodent. The zero-reset turret is incorporated in the gun to simplify the adjustments of the riflescope.
  • Eye relief: This rifle provides relief to the shooter’s eyes by adding a 3.7 inches eye relief. The ProStaff are compact and light weighted rifles which are easy to carry. There are more than one shooting angles and is generous to the eyes of the shooter.
  • Waterproof and durable: For outdoor activities like hunting it is important to carry water resistant guns. This gun is resistant to fog and water. Hence, it can operate under any conditions.
  • Reticle: Hunters are surely going to love the BDC reticle in the rifle since this reticle allows the hunters to see through the ranges. BDC has unique circles which provide an exceptional advantage to the rifle allows the hunter to shoot targets at longer distances. The best part of the BCD is that it provides a normal sight for short range targets also and a perfect aiming point.

3. Nikon P-223 3-9*40 Mate BDC 600

Nikon P-223 3-9×40 Mate BDC 600

This riflescope has introduced a new dimension in precise optical system. It has been designed for quick, clear and crisp sightseeing. It has a nice look and excellent features which encourages the hunters to hunt in any season. Other interesting features will surely tempt you to buy this rifle.

  • Optical System: The optical system is multicoated to provide excellent brightness. Around 98 percent of the light is transmitted back to delivering a bright illumination.
  • Size and Magnification: It is a lightweight rifle which is not going to add a burden to the hunting trip of the hunters. The magnification range of the rifle is versatile and AR platforms are provided to the hunters.
  • Zero Reset: Zero Reset feature is also added to the gun so that the field adjustments can be done easily. The zero turrets allow the hunter to again set his gun towards the target.
  • Eye Relief: This hunting rifle is generous to the eyes of the hunter. It keeps the eyes safe and relieved. There are several shooting angles of the rifle giving the hunters a broad view of the targets.
  • Waterproof and Durable: The rifle is nitrogen filled to ensure waterproofness of the tool. The O-Seal ring is also present which keeps the rifle resistant to fog.
  • Reticle: The BDC 600 reticle of the rifle is undoubtedly the most interesting feature it possesses. The aiming spot illuminated with BDC 600 allows you to point towards the target accurately.

4. Bushnell AR Optics Drop Zone 223 BDC Riflescope

Bushnell AR Optics Drop Zone 223 BDC

Hunters must own rifles which can tackle any situation and this rifle is one of them. It has a great sighing system and the optics of the gun is also magnificent. The first look is impressive and it is worth paying the price mentioned on the rifle. The features of the gun will surely make you fall in love with it.

  • Optical System: It has multi-coated optics which provides implausible brightness to the hunters while shooting. The eyepiece focuses through efficiently to provide an accurate view of the target to the hunter. The objects viewed through the scope have HD clarity.
  • Size and Magnification: The design of the rifle is beautiful and it is also convenient for you to carry it to any hunting trip. The magnification feature of the rifle allows the hunter to zoom and view the targets clearly.
  • Zero Reset: The side parallax feature of the rifle allows the target to focus precisely and accurately. Zero Reset feature is also present in the rifle in case you want to re-adjust the settings of the rifle.
  • Eye Relief: the gun has enough room for your eyes so that you can see through the gun for long time period.
  • Waterproof and Durable: The rifle is safe from harmful external situations. The O-Ring seal keeps the rifle safe from moisture and dust. The rifle is scratchproof and is also resistant to rust. The aluminum alloy used to prepare the gun makes it durable.
  • Reticle: You will also love the reticle which is caliber specific and delivers matchless accuracy to the shooters. The Drop Zone 223 BDC reticle used on the rifle allows the shooter to precisely pinpoint the target.

5. Vortex Diamondback 4-12 * 40 Riflescope

Vortex Diamondback 4-12×40

Vortex Diamondback is a pocket friendly rifle which provides a long range scope to the hunters. If your hobby is to hunt long range targets then this gun is perfect for you. The features are attractive and appealing.

  • Optical System: The rifle has an excellent optical system which illuminates the scope by transmitting light to give the hunters a clear view.
  • Size and Magnification: It has an elegant and designer look. It is compact and can be carried easily. The rifle also allows you to zoom and pin point the target accurately.
  • Zero Reset: The gun is easy to handle and focus the targets you want to shoot.
  • Eye Relief: Hunters can shoot with this gun for long time also. The rifle is generous to the eyes.
  • Waterproof and Durable: It has 1 inch tube which enhances its durability. The rifle is strong and is resistant to water.
  • Reticle: The BDC dead hold reticle gives a crystal clear view and gives you another reason to buy the rifle.

Why do you need best long range scope rifle for hunting?

Hunting lovers love to experiment with their hunting techniques and long range hunting is something which adds to their excitement. Not only professional hunters but for the hobbyist hunters also long range scope rifle is like an added piece of delight and adventure.

  • Long range shooting requires lots of precision and power which is present in long range scope rifles only.
  • The long range scope rifles are accurate and allow the hunters to aim at the long distant targets also easily.
  • For long range shooting the optical system has to be efficient so that the hunters can see through foggy weather also.
  • For aiming at distant targets the gun needs to have an excellent magnification feature. Long range scope guns are proficient to zoom through the distant targets while aiming them.


After reviewing the top branded long range scope guns we conclude that the guns mentioned above possess the features to hunt long range targets. Although we cannot select the best one among them but all of them have the basic requirements to hunt distant targets.

The comparison table below will help you decide the best rifle

Optical System Size and Magnification Zero Reset Eye Relief Waterproof an Durable Reticle
Editor Rating*
Vertex Crossfire II 4 3 4 3.5 4 3.5
Nikon ProsSatff Black Matte 4 4.5 4 4.5 3 4
Nikon P-223 BDC 600 4.5 4 3.5 3.5 4 4.5
Bushnell AR Optics Drop Zone 4.5 4 3.5 3 4 4.5
Vertex Diamondback 4 4.5 3 2.5 3.5 4

Now, it is completely your choice to choose the gun which you think will be comfortable and efficient enough for long range hunting. Choose the best long range scope rifle and you will surely succeed in your mission.


Why to buy a long range scope rifle?

The special features of the long range scope rifle cannot be covered in just one answer. However, long range scope rifles allow the hunters to shoot precisely and with accuracy. The zooming quality and the optical lens of the rifle allow you to hunt easily.

What is the average price of the rifle?

The rifles are available at reasonable costs. Within 200 dollars you can have an efficient long range scope rifle. However, if you want more exciting features you need to pay more.

Is it important to choose a rifle with eye relief feature?

Yes, especially in case of long range scope hunting rifles it is important to have a gun with space for the eyes. For long range shooting you need time to focus on the target and it is better if you choose the rifles with room for your eyes.

How to maintain a long range scope rifle?

The answer to this question is long. To maintain the rifle on a regular basis it is important to keep it clean. A regular basis cleaning and smoothing the gun keeps the guns in working condition for long time.


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