One of the fun experiences you can ever have is hunting. It has a way of helping you gain a sense of accomplishment.

The thought of picking a target and hitting right through it is thrilling to say the least. However, you simply cannot get a rifle and go on the adventure. Depending on your location, there are certain requirements and equipment you have to get.

For example, you can get information on deer hunting requirements in Missouri, USA here.

But generally, you should understand that hunting of any kind has become a lot easier and safer for a particular reason. This is due to the fact that there have been innovations that help the experience become as smooth as it is.

However, the process can be frustrating without these pieces of equipment or the right kind. Are you hoping to go on a hunting experience anytime soon? Then you might want to pay particular attention to this article as we discuss getting the best long eye relief scope.

But first, let us break things down by explaining what “eye relief” implies.

What Is Eye Relief?

Eye relief is the term used to imply the safe and perfect shooting distance between the lens of the scope and your eye.

Thanks to innovation in this regard, shooters do not have to strain their eyes trying to figure out the exact location of their target. With a good scope which may either be standard or long eye relief, they can have a clearer view of where the target is and pull the trigger.

However, the process can be very difficult or impossible if:

·       You do not have the right scope.

·       The distance of your face to the lens is not good enough.

Why Is Eye Relief and Getting the Right Scope Important?

why is eye relief and getting the right scope important

By not getting the right scope or faulting in properly positioning your eyes, you can:

Have a difficult Time Aiming at Your Target

This happens a lot to people who have a faulty scope or are not using a good one the right way. Rather than seeing their target properly, they see the black witnessing on the lens of the scope.

To avoid this, you are to get a befitting scope for your rifle. Furthermore, properly positioning your eyes is essential. The lenses of most scopes would require that your eyes keep a distance of 3 inches from the lens at least.

Can Hurt Your Eyes

Note that what you have is a gun and it is designed to hurt. However, you do not have to be the victim. To ensure that you stay safe, do not move your face too close to the lens of the scope.

This is especially if you are dealing with a rifle that operates with heavy recoil. Shotguns are perfect examples of these kinds of ammunition.

If you realize that getting a clear shot will require moving too close to the lens, you should rather use the adjustment setting. This will alter the magnification of the target either back or forth.

This is why you should be particular about getting the best long eye relief scope, as only such come with lens adjustment features that are very easy to operate.

Features of the Right Scope

Here are some things you have to consider if you will end up with the ideal one:

Clear Lens

The whole essence of using the scope is to grant clarity by allowing you to see your target well. So, a good one should have a lens that helps you achieve this effortlessly.


Especially for shotguns and other ammunitions that work with heavy recoils, you need something that can consistently bear the force when the trigger is pulled.

To ensure this, you need to pay attention to the item used in making the scope. We strongly recommend the steel on steel option.

Ease in Lens Adjustment

The ability to easily adjust the lens using the magnification setting will help you ensure safe distance while aiming. This way, you will get the bullet through your target without hurting yourself in the process. For more on this subject, you can watch this video:


Hunting can be a nightmare when you do not hit the bull’s eye or when you get hurt in the process. To avoid these possibilities, we have explained how using a good scope the proper way can help out and we advise you to take note of these things.


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