Best Left Handed Compound Bow – Reviews and Guide for 2018 (Updated)


As a child growing up my father taught me a lot about hunting and fishing. There was one big difference that he and I had from each other. My father was left handed and I was right handed. In everything we did together he did everything the opposite if me. Throwing a ball, shooting a rifle, playing golf and bow hunting were some of the things that my father did left handed.

At times he would have advantage when we were bow hinting together because he was able to set himself up in a different direction from me. Everything we would purchase for our outdoor use had to be left handed for my father. There are a lot of good options when it comes some of the top left handed bow choices on the market.

Best Left Handed Compound Bow Review:

  • Genesis Original Kit
  • Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package
  • Bear Archery Brave Bow Set

1. Genesis Original Kit Left Hand Bow Review

Genesis has totally redesigned this already awesome Built with single-cam technology. This Brute left hand package comes ready to shoot. An all new machined riser as well as a new pivoting limb pocket system also comes with this package. A redesigned Madness Pro cam that allows for ½” adjustments with Genesis lock inner cam system. Also has an inner cam adjustment range of 3/16″  inches. A Raptor grip and Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity makes this bow great looking package.

Highlighted Features

  • Brace Height: 7.5/8”
  • Axle Length: 35”
  • Draw Length: 15″-30″
  • Speed: 312-320 fps
  • Let-off: 0% let-off

2. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package

This bow package comes with everything you need to get started. This Infinite edge package includes a 3 pin tundra sight. This sight takes the guess work out if your distance after you set the pins for your chose of footage. The arrow rest is a Hostage XL Arrow rest to give you confidence on the draw. Never lose an arrow again with the Octane Deadlock Quiver that is attached to this bow. This is a perfect bow for the beginner as well as a seasoned veteran. This bow also comes highly recommended by a large sporting store chain.

Highlighted Features

  • Draw Weight: 3.1 Pound
  • Draw Length: extended to 31″
  • Speed: 310- fps
  • Let off: 75%
  • Axle Length: 31”

3. Bear Archery Brave Bow Set Review

This new Bear Archery bow comes with the most advanced two Safetyglass arrows. The Bear Archery will deliver accurate shooting accuracy with the Finger Rollers and Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest. Also comes with a more advanced 1-pin arrow slight.

Highlighted Features

  • Draw Weight: 3.8 Pounds.
  • Axle Length: 26”
  • Let Off: 75%
  • Draw Length: 13.5-19″

There are a lot of choices for any bow hunter when it comes time to purchase that new bow. Make sure that you do the research required before purchasing your bow. There are several things that you should consider before purchasing your new left handed compound bow. Make sure you go to a sporting goods store or an archery shop to purchase your bow. Be sure to get fitted for a bow. This is for your safety. Bows can be expensive and you want your purchase to last a long time. Thanks and happy hunting.

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