There are several hunting seasons every year in most communities. Some of them employ unique weapons, like a black powder rifle. One hunting season that is growing in popularity involves self-propelled weaponry, like a slingshot. The best hunting slingshot is a lightweight weapon giving you some versatility when you’re hunting. You can grab projectiles in nature, hit with the same velocity as an arrow, and have more fun hunting than you can imagine.

Top 3 Best Hunting Slingshots: Editor’s Pick

Sure. Some folks are going to laugh at the idea that you can take down big game with a small slingshot. Yet assuming there is at least some truth to the story of David and Goliath, owning the right slingshot can give you a tremendous advantage. Here are the top-rated hunting slingshots for you to review to see which one could be right for you.

5 Best Hunting Slingshots Review:

1. The Scout Hunting Slingshot

The Scout is easily one of the best hunting slingshots on the market today. The flat bands are made from latex and are extremely wide, giving you more velocity and accuracy with every shot. This slingshot is also capable of shooting any elastic bands that are available.

The design allows just about any shooter to grab this weapon and use it immediately, while the lightweight nylon construction is supplemented with a glass filling so you have the right amount of heft. It is a bit larger than you might expect and a pinch grip can be a little uncomfortable, but otherwise this is an investment we highly recommend.

2. Smart & Cool Professional Hunting Slingshot Outdoor Game

It’s the compact stainless steel frame that we really liked about this hunting slingshot. You still get the accuracy and speed of other slingshots, but without the same weight that can wear on your forearm in time. The patch is durable as expected and it comes with a tubular rubber band for your draw.

It supports a double-tube elastomer, which gives you a heavier draw and better momentum with each shot. The performance of this slingshot surprised us and we think you’ll love it as much as we did.

3. Trumark Folding Slighshot with Rotating Fiber Optic Sight

If you’re looking for a good entry-level slingshot, then we highly recommend this unique design. It offers rotating prongs so there isn’t as much wear and tear on the tubular bands which come standard with this slingshot. It works best with SA30 ammo, though some natural projectiles worked pretty well for us too.

A fiber-optic sight is also included with the design to help you become familiar with the trajectory of your shot. With an aluminum frame, we found this to be a rather useful solution.

4. YZXLI Professional outdoor hunting stainless steel slingshot

This is a traditional slingshot that works surprisingly well. The triple tube design gives you a surprisingly heavy draw, while the wood grip stays firm in your hand. Although we’d recommend this more for target practice or plinking around back in the woods behind your home, it could work in a pinch for some small game hunting if allowed in your jurisdiction.

Take your time during the assembly as the bands can come loose during a draw if you haven’t done it right. Otherwise you can’t beat the affordability of this particular slingshot.

5. Paracord Shepherd Sling (Old-fashioned Slingshot) Handmade

This is the high-speed slingshot that will give you the hunting versatility that you need. It takes a bit of practice to get the motions for this slingshot down since it is a sling design, but once you do you won’t believe what it’ll be able to do for you.

It can throw ammo the size of a golf ball at a target, letting you fell even large game with one shot when you get good enough. The paracord is strong, is available in several different colors, and will bring a whole new level of fun to your hunting experience.

Can You Go Hunting With a Slingshot?

Absolutely. Now you probably won’t have a lot of success taking down a huge buck with a slingshot, but small game are always a fair target with this weapon. Rabbits, squirrels, and birds can be hunted accurately with a slingshot at a distance of 10 yards with several different models. In many ways, a slingshot is a better weapon for small game hunting for a number of reasons.

It reduces your overall profile. Because slingshots are much smaller than other hunting weapons, the smaller animals, which scatter at the sound of any danger, can’t see you as well.
You have more maneuverability. You can stay hidden with minimal noise pollution using the best hunting slingshot, allowing for better overall concealment when hunting.
You can be completely silent. When you’re loading a slingshot, you can be completely silent. This gives you an advantage when hunting because you can get quite close and take aim without inadvertently giving your location away through the draw of a string or preparing a rifle to fire.
What is so interesting about using a slingshot is that they can be easily modified to accomplish a number of different tasks. Some hunters have modified their slingshots so they can fire bolts to take down larger game. Check out this cool combination slingshot, which would allow you to go fishing as well.

Am I Allowed to Hunt With a Slingshot?

It is important to note that slingshot hunting is not a legal method of taking game in every jurisdiction. In California, for example, it is not legal to take any game while using a slingshot. On the other hand, in Arizona it is legal to hunt certain game and there are no restrictions on the ammo or the equipment that you use.

Not sure where your jurisdiction stands? This slingshot forum takes you state by state for US citizens to get an idea of what they can do. For other countries, be sure to check with your local government as to what is permitted. In the UK, interestingly enough, you could hunt with the best hunting slingshot, but not with a recurve bow for hunting right now.

How to Choose the Best Hunting Slingshot For Hunting

When you become familiar with your slingshot, you’ll discover how effective of a weapon it can really be. Yet not every high quality slingshot is going to be the best one to meet your specific needs. Each setup has some unique strengths which must be considered to see if it can be the problem-solver that you need.

Wrist support is the most important feature to look at with the best hunting slingshots today. Stronger supports give you a heavier draw, which can then provide you better distance and more accuracy. Lighter supports are good for target practice and light hunting. If you want to participate in a hunting season, look for the strongest wrist support in this category for the best results.

The craftsmanship of your slingshot is also an important consideration. Slingshots today are typically made from plastic or metal, but some wooden slingshots still exist as well. Metal slingshots are the most expensive, but they’re also the most durable and can give you the heaviest draws. Plastic slingshots are a lot lighter and don’t cost as much, but this means they give you a lighter draw. Wooden slingshots offer a classic design, but don’t typically have any supports and can be unreliable if the integrity of the wood is compromised.

Don’t overlook the band on the slingshot either. Many bands today are made from rubber tubing, but some still offer a flat band. Neither will last forever. Hunting slingshots with tubing tend to provide more durability, but flat bands offer more accuracy. This often comes down to your personal preferences.

Some slingshots may also come with a sight, a grip, or other ergonomic features, which will stabilize your shot for you and improve accuracy. There is no proven combination that is more effective than another. As long as you’re comfortable with the slingshot and its features, then you’ve found the best slingshot for hunting to meet your needs.

Just remember to practice with your slingshot. There is a definitely learning curve to this particular tool. This backstop or catch box can give you a good way to begin target practice so you can refine your skills.

What Are the Prices of Hunting Slingshots ?

The best hunting slingshots are one of the most affordable tools you can take out on the trail with you today. A number of slingshots are priced below $20 and will give you the accuracy and durability you will demand from this weapon. Some models are even priced below $10. The best slingshots in this category are priced in the $40-$75 range, typically have wide flat bands that are screwed into place, and give you advantages in velocity and range.

Final Verdict:

The best hunting slingshot reviews will show you what products have the best level of value to meet your needs. If you’re looking for a new challenge for your hunting experience, then “go slingshot.” Once you do, you’ll never want to give it up.


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