Best Hunting Rain Gear 2020 – Reviews By an Expert


Hunting in the rain doesn’t have to be a miserable experience. By reading the best hunting rain gear reviews, you can find the gear that you’ll need to stay warm and dry no matter what type of hunting you prefer. With consistent camouflage, soft lining, and waterproof technologies, you don’t have to concede to the weather and stay indoors anymore. Don’t get angry with the rain. Be prepared instead.

Top 3 Best Rain Gear: Editor’s Pick

Have you seen hunters settling for a cheap poncho as a defense against the rain? A $10 hiking poncho made from the same plastic used for garbage bags isn’t the best a hunter can do, is it? The chart below offers you a look at some of the best hunting rain gear available right now so you don’t have to settle for a cheap substitute.


Best Hunting Rain Gear Review:

1. Frogg Toggs All Sport Rain Suit

This camo rain suit is the perfect way to beat a rainy day when you’re heeding the call to hunt. Not only is it waterproof, but it is quite breathable and gives you good movement. The straight leg design works for a majority of people and the front zip design is easy enough to manipulate, even when your hands are a little cold. The hood is nice because it is detachable, so it doesn’t have to get in your way if it isn’t raining at the moment. Choose your preferred camo pattern and you’ll be set for a full day of fun.

2. Rain Poncho, LOOGU Waterproof Camouflage Rain Coat Outdoor Camo

A military-style poncho might not be what you want to wear while hunting, but you can’t deny the versatility of what this hunting rain gear can provide. Made from 100% nylon, this waterproof material can serve as a shelter from the rain if need be. It can also be used as a ground sheet or even as a sleeping bag should you find yourself on a multi-day hunt. It only weighs 850g and is super easy to store in your pack, but we did find that it seems to be sized a little small. This made using the hood a little difficult. Keep that in mind when ordering.

3. FREE SOLDIER Men’s Outdoor Waterproof Soft Shell Hooded Military Tactical Jacket

This tactical jacket is surprisingly comfortable. Although the camo pattern won’t work for every hunting situation, it does offer users some versatility in use so it doesn’t just have to be a dedicated hunting coat. Take it camping, hiking, or even to the local paintball range for a good time. Patch attachments are included on the jacket, as our adjustable wrist cuffs, and the pit zips are a great option for improving your ventilation. The pockets are zippered, so not the best to store hunting gear, but otherwise this waterproof jacket delivers the goods for an affordable price.

4. Legendary Whitetails Men’s Canvas Cross Trail Big Game Camo Workwear Jacket

This camo workwear jacket is everything you’d expect for a hunting coat and so much more. It offers enough camo wear to make it useful for hunting, but in a way that also makes it useful for daily wear as well. The lining is soft and warm and there is ample space to put your hands on a cold day. The wrist cuffs are somewhat adjustable and you can zip-off the hood if you prefer. The double interior pockets are nice for your valuables. Just make sure to order an extra size up if you plan to wear layers underneath the coat since it is cut in a fairly form-fitting way.

5. Sitka Gear Men’s Stormfront Rain Jacket Polyester

This is the ultimate in comfort when you’re out on the trail. Made from polyester, this articulate fit coat is guaranteed to keep you warm. It has some tactical jacket design features, such as the front zippered pockets, but with added abrasion resistance. Unlike some other coats, there is a lot of room at the elbow and shoulder so you feel like your movement is unrestricted. Included within the design is a Gore-Tex membrane, which makes sure you stay dry even on the rainiest of days. If you want something that is extra rugged for hunting, you can’t go wrong with this premium option.

Why You Need the Best Hunting Rain Gear

Let’s face it. When the rains start to come, your hunting is going to be threatened. The muck and slop can interfere with your vision, which then affects your shot. If you’re cold and wet at the same time, your thinking processes will begin to slow. Go out prepared for whatever Mother Nature can throw at you with the best hunting rain gear on your back.

Most rain gear involves jackets and headwear, but there are rain-resistant pants that work with the best boots for hunting so you can stay as dry as possible. Look for products that have zippered vents, which will help your body, breathe a little better instead of build-up sweat. Technologies that wick away moisture can also help to keep you comfortable even in the wettest of conditions.

If the rain goes away and you suddenly have a sunny day that is becoming warm and humid, you don’t want to be stuck with rain gear that is going to make you suffocate. Look for gear that is easy to compress and store in your pack so that you can always be comfortable.

Common Issues with the Best Hunting Rain Gear

With a complete waterproof system of apparel, you can always be dry and warm. That doesn’t always mean you can also be silent. Today’s rain gear is often made from nylon or polyester and, because it is bulkier than other apparel, it often rubs when you are making any movement. Even the action of raising your arms in a tree stand can be enough to alert the game in your area that they need to stay away from you.

Look for rain gear that will help to keep you quiet. The fit should be reasonably tight to prevent movement noise, but not so tight that you feel like body parts are being strangled.

Sizing can also be an issue with hunting rain gear. Many manufacturers strive to meet standard sizing standards for your region, but for men especially, they may find that their sizes run a bit small. An effective way to counter this for guys is to shop based on weight. If you weigh 240 pounds, your height or chest size doesn’t necessarily matter for sizing purposes. You will likely be purchasing gear that is XXL. This standardized sizing chart for clothing is a good place to start for men, women, and children.

To Camouflage rr Not To Camouflage With Rain Gear

How important is camouflage for hunting when it is raining outside? In some jurisdictions, you’ll be required to wear an orange vest over your rain gear no matter what, so it may be a moot point. Hunters prove in every season that camouflage isn’t necessary for a successful experience, but certain types of game do tend to spot hunters not wearing camo more often than hunters who are.

In reality, it is more important to mask your scent while hunting than trying to mask your profile. Being silent can be more effective than perfectly matching your rain gear camo to your surrounding environment. With that being said, if you’re hunting waterfowl, then you will want to have camouflaged rain gear because the eyesight of birds is fantastic and their paranoia levels are extremely high.

Birds can even distinguish between shades of colors. This means your camouflage must be spot-on if you’re going to be successful. You might be able to blow a fantastic call with one of the best duck calls available today, but that won’t matter if the ducks see you and recognize that you’re not a duck, but, in fact, a human.

What Are the Prices of the Best Hunting Rain Gear?

Rain gear for hunting today is priced based on the quality of the materials used and the type of garment needed. For example: a high quality pair of waterproof trousers with camouflage, perfect for hunting, can be found for less than $20 right now. If you’re looking for a rain suit, then you can find several options around the $50 mark. A simple poncho still only costs $10-$15 and gets the job done if you’re on a tight budget.

And then there are the waterproof hunting jackets that keep you warm on even the coldest of days. Entry-level jackets are typically $100 or less. Premium jackets in this category may cost $600 or more depending on the levels of insulation they have and other manufacturer’s features.

Final Verdict:

The best hunting rain gear will keep you warm, keep you dry, and give you freedom of movement. Consider these options today so that your gear will help you counter whatever Mother Nature might send your way when hunting season begins.

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