When a firearm is fired, it leaves small amount of carbon residue inside a bore. With time, this sediment is embedded inside bore steel micro-pores. Copper chips and lead chips also break loose and are deposited inside bore steel. Every time a firearm is fired residue keeps on building and a time comes when the weapon does not function at its full capacity. This is the time when a person is looking for a product that is reliable and assures 100% results. Best gun cleaning solvent is one such product that guarantees best cleaning in shortest duration.

Top 5 Gun Cleaning Solvent

1. M-Pro 7 Gun cleaner, 32-Ounce Spray Bottle

M7 Pro

M-Pro use quality materials and has been tested against rough environment and tough situations to justify the validity of its claims. The beauty of this product is that it fits every mold be it for casual purpose or for professional one. It is a professional cleaner used for military weapons.

Dimensions of M-Pro Gun Cleaner is 10.4*3.9*3.7 inches and its 32-ounce spray bottle weighs just 1.5 pounds which is actually a benefit for everyone who-so-ever buys it. The lightweight and portable size are going to help the one handling the task. Cleaning solvent is quite reliable product and helps in improving accuracy of cleaning procedure. The spray creates certain conditions that help in reducing foul smell also the cleaning solvent is a biodegradable product that is non-toxic in nature. The spray can be used for removing unwanted accumulation of copper, lead or carbon smells. The spray provides an effective cleaning as it does not leave oil or grease on weapons.

Some of the common drawbacks of the spray can be its incompetency against copper residue and its inability of removing heavy rusting from the surface.

2. Hoppe’s Elite Gun Cleaner, 8 oz. Spray Bottle

Hoppe's Elite Gun Cleaner

Brand Hoppe is associated with advanced technology and it tries to meet its customer demands by providing best available products. A serious shooter is known for his accuracy and high-level performance. He takes equal care in cleaning firearms, as he is aware of its importance. Hoppe’s Elite Gun Cleaner, 8 oz. Spray Bottle is a product that successfully meets demands laid down by law enforcement officers, military and professional shooters.

This spray has some unique features that are bound to win hearts; product provides superior cleaning procedure with help of lubrication technology. Spray is designed to repel metals for avoiding future fouling and it also penetrates down to molecular pores and helps in removal of copper, lead and carbon fouling. The dimension of the spray is somewhere around 7.4*1.9*1.6 inches and weights around 9.6 ounces. The spray solvent is biodegradable and very much non-toxic. The spray is odourless and non-flammable. The spray is capable of reducing actual cleaning time of firearms by 80%. The spray bottle included in the kit is of 8 oz. The product is durable, very simple and easy usable.

Some of the common drawbacks of the product are the sticky residue that solvent leaves on wooden and synthetic surfaces. The cost of the product is just another thing that makes it unaffordable.

3. Slip2000 EWL Twist Top, 4-Ounce


If a person is pondering to acquire best available cleaning solvent in market, then Slip2000 EWL Twist Top, 4-Ounce is his recommended product. This synthetic-liquid solvent was specially designed to use on pistols, rifles and machine guns like 249SAW and MP5. It works three ways as it cleans, lubricates and provides preservation to firearms.

Unique features of this product that will compel you to grab it right now are its almost negligible weight of 5.6 ounces; the ability of reducing wear, tear and also the capability of lessening frictions. The product when compared to the traditional lubricants emerges as the epitome. The spray works under all conditions and temperatures. The product is designed to provide amazing protection against the rust. The product is quite safe for use on metal, wood and plastic. The unique constituents of the product keep sand, dirt and rust away. The product is designed to clean at an unbelievable pace. The product is non-hazardous and non-toxic. The product is non-sticky and tends to leave no mark after cleaning.

Some of the common drawbacks of the product includes of its incapability of removing grease from the gun barrels. The Solvent is water based and hence firearm must be dried properly before storage

4. Gunzilla 16Oz Turret Top

Gunzilla 16Oz

Gunzilla 16Oz Turret Top is able to protect a firearm efficiently and quickly with help of its solvent. It does a remarkable job as it removes deposits easily without any adverse reaction to skin.

The USP of the product includes of its quick ability of cleaning when compared to the traditional lubricants. The product tends to improve reliability of firearms by lubrication and cleaning. The product weights somewhere around 1 pound hence it is quite portable. The product is odourless and helps in removing the unwanted smell from guns.

Some of the common drawbacks of the products include its lack of effectiveness as a lubricant. The fluid is very thin and hence flows down whenever poured on the barrel.

5. Hoppe’s Elite Gun Cleaner, 32 oz. Spray Bottle

Gunzilla 16Oz

Brand Hoppe has raised standards of cleaning solvents by producing advanced solvents that guarantee high performance levels. It has been successful in its endeavour to create a product that satisfies law and military personnel as well as professional shooters.

Hoppe’s elite gun cleaner is a quality product and has some exceptional features, which includes of incomparable cleansing capability which penetrates deep inside molecular pores and successfully removes copper, lead and carbon residues. The spray is capable

Like everywhere product, Hoppe’s Elite Gun Cleaner also has few drawbacks, which includes of its lack of efficiency as a solvent. The solvent tends to dry up in minutes hence the users needs to be really fast with cleaning. The spray is quite expensive which makes it unaffordable for everyone.

How To Use Cleaning Solvent

After every use of a gun or weapon small residue is left inside a barrel or bore. If not cleaned regularly, this will hamper the performance and aim of guns. Hence it is necessary to make efforts for regular cleaning so that maintenance of product is possible. Cleaning solvents are any time better than cleaning products as they are quick and give better results.

Solvent serves its purpose by surrounding each particle of carbon with help of a negatively-charged coating. This will result in repelling of every carbon-particle and will ultimately lead to its breaking down and separating. It will now become easy to brush away embedded fouling like carbon, plastic, brass, lead and copper.

Now a day’s solvents are very effective as they can remove every single layer of embedded fouling to provide better maintenance.

Or you can combine both gun cleaning solvent and best gun grease to have the most effective cleaning


1. Why do we need cleaning sprays and why we cannot use water for cleaning guns?

2. Why some of the spray has a pungent smell?


People are looking for handy materials that help them to complete their work efficiently but in fewer time frames. Best gun cleaning solvents are products that have been successful in meeting consumer demands with their products and high performances.


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