hen I first started archery, I didn’t even realize that gloves were made for it. Tell me about hurt. That was all it felt like each time I would go and practice or have competitions between some of my buddies. Then, they finally decided to tell me that gloves were specially made for anyone that enjoys archery.

I felt a little silly, I will admit. However, I went on to check for some of the best gloves that not only were comfortable to wear but didn’t slow down my archery speeds either. You need your fingers when it comes to using the bow.

I came up with some of the best gloves out there, specially made for those, like me, that love archery but still want to beat your friends when it comes to having a competition or two. Plus, your hands will thank you later on when it comes to not having rough spots, cuts, blisters or even having them bleed because of it.

Here are the great sets that I found, and why I chose each one.

What to Look for in Archery Gloves

  • Lightweight: Archery is something you have to be light about. You have to provide yourself with enough room, lightness in your wrists and comfort while shooting in order to make the best shot possible. With gloves that are lightweight, they’ll never hold you back.
  • Materials: From leather to suede, and everything in between; having a heavy duty, comfort type of material is ideal to go with when protecting your hand from any intrusions along the way. The right materials that do not crack or break are the most durable on the market and the ones you need to choose.
  • Form-fitting: The right fit is going to go a long way when pulling back and releasing the arrow. If you’re uncomfortable because the glove does not fit right, and slides then this is something that needs to be adjusted.
  • Design: Many designs are out there for gloves. If you’re left handed then covering your thumb and pointer are recommended. Covering only your three fingers is recommended through the use of a right handed glove. This is because of the fingers that are used by the person during shooting.

Top 5 Gloves For Archery Reviews

1. Neet Suede Shooting Glove

With the Neet Suede Shooting Glove, you can be prepared for any competition or just to practice out in the open field. With the classes three finger style and many sizes to choose from, you can have the perfect adjustable size to your specific sized hand.

The glove is made from a high quality suede material that is going to bend with your hand and not crack or break with extended use. The high end, smooth grain leather tips give your finger tips even more protection against the bow. You’re also able to enjoy the benefits of being able to use the glove on any hand that you feel the most comfortable shooting with.

With such a versatile feel to the glove and a wonderful way to protect your hand, you’re able to shoot your bow and arrows for hours without feeling the effects that it might have on you.

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2. Damascus DWC Archery Shooting Glove, Three Finger Design

Stay protected with all of the archery that you do when you use the Damascus DWC Archery Shooting Glove, Three Finger Design to your advantage. With a way to switch between hands, you can make sure to hit your targets every time.

The Velcro strap ensures that you can adjust the glove to however you need it to fit, in addition to having the comfortable leather material that will not let you down. The leather is one of the most durable types of glove materials on the market and one you want to use to your advantage when it comes to archery.

The three finger design provides the user with a way to protect everything from the middle of the fingers down to the tips. Heavy shooting is not going to hold you back when it comes to wearing these gloves, you can win competitions in them.

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3. ZHW Black Three Fingers Cowskin Archery Glove Finger Protector

Protect all of your fingers when it comes to shooting with a glove that is one of the heaviest duty on the market. Using the ZHW Black Three Fingers Cowskin Glove, you’re able to protect all three fingers while shooting, so you can keep shooting for longer.

The adjustable wrist strap ensures that wrist and arm pain is a thing of the past, while the finger cups ensure that your finger pads stay protected. The classic three finger design simply slips right over the fingers for the best fit.

Lightweight enough to wear for all of the competitions or other areas that you need to work your archery, or even hunting on; you can bring the glove with you while on the go and never become bored of shooting.

One of the highest quality on the market and made from cowskin leather, it is a must for all archers.

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4. Toparchery Archery Hand Guard Protector Shooting Glove Black for Left Hand

Protect your hand in style and be able to shoot further and for longer with the Toparchery Archery Hand Guard Protector Shooting Glove. This is made specifically for those that are left handed shooters.

Made from cow split leather, it will never crack, bend or break over time so you can always have the perfect shot when it is needed the most. Ensure that you put the glove on and find out just how lightweight and durable it is. Even with the thickest of bow strings, you can ensure that your hand stays protected in all of the right places.

Clip the strap around your wrist for even more stability and support during shooting, or you’re able to slip it on and allow your fingers to hold onto the glove while shooting. Ensure that you protect yourself against the strings that can cause damage to your hands and fingers.

Enjoy shooting more with the use of this glove.

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5. Allen Company Super Comfort Saddlecloth 3 Finger Archery Glove

For something comfortable, soft and protective; the Allen Company Super Comfort Saddlecloth 3 Finger Archery Glove is able to provide all of those benefits wrapped up into one great glove that does the trick.

Never worry about being constricted or not being able to shoot because of the glove being in the way. With the right design that uncovers the finger tips, you can shoot with ease and accuracy each and every time, while also being able to protect your hands in the process.

Made from high quality leather, the glove is completely adjustable to the size and width of your hand and wrist. You’re able to get the most out of the shooting that you do when you slip it on and head out for a day at the shooting range.

Wide elastic provides the hold around the wrist that you need, but also does not hold back the wrist when it comes to snapping the line on the bow.

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