Top 5 Best Gamo Air Rifles – Quick Reviews


Are you looking for a powerful yet not very expensive best Gamo Air Rifle but are not sure which one to buy? When it comes to this product, there is no dearth of options. With that said, you should choose one which meets your needs and budget best. Here are product descriptions of a few rifles to help you make an accurate decision.

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Top 5 Best Gamo Air Rifles

1. Gamo Whisper Silent Cat

Dependable accuracy and timeless performance are two characteristics that define this Gamo Air Rifle. This advanced air rifle is a value for money investment for anyone enjoying outdoor hunting trips.

Equipped with barrel made ofFluted, Polymer Jacketed Rifled Steel,   the spring piston mechanism fitted in this air rifle can shoot pellets at 1000 fps without making much noise. This air rifle is extremely safe as it comes equipped with automatic cocking safety system. A two stage trigger mechanism adds to the safety of the air rifle. You can adjust the resistance of the second trigger stage which ensures you get the feel when you reach the second stage allowing you to become more serious before you actually pull the sear to fire the pellet.

The stock of the rifle is made of all-weather sturdy synthetic material. The air rifle is also fitted with ventilated air pad that effectively absorbs the recoiling force after firing a shot. Other features of this Air Rifle are 4×32 air rifle scope with 1 pc mount and Fiber optic front and rear sights.

Take one of this Gamo air rifle for small game hunting and experience the superior hunting power its offer. This air rifle comes with a one year service warranty which includes one year’s parts warranty against manufacturing defects. It is also ideal for large pest control.

2. Gamo Whisper Fusion .177 Caliber 1300 FPS

Made fromlight-weight synthetic material, this Gamo Air rifle can add to the fun when you go game hunting with your family.  Set up safe shooting out door programs and challenge your family member for affordable target practicing game.

The rifle uses innovative technology known as Inert Gas piston propulsion mechanism that is only found in expensive Adult air rifles. The Inert Gas Technology is far better than traditional conventional spring technology found in inexpensive air rifles. Other noteworthy feature of this Whisper Fusion air rifle is Double Integrated Noise Dampening Technology that makes the rifle the “Quietest gun? in the family of air rifles.

The powerful gas piston mechanism and Noise dampening technology makes this air rifle the best weapon for varmint hunting. The Gamo Whisper Fusion air rifle comes fitted with 3-9x 40 air rifle scopes with scope rings. Other features in this air rifle includes a Shock Wave Absorber Recoil pad that absorbs 75% of shock after firing pellet and an adjustable molded cheek piece for left and right hand shooters.

This Gamo Air Rifle features a one year limited warranty that includes free service and replacement of defective part if any during service period. This .177 caliber Air Rifle is ideal for small game hunting, pest control and target shooting.

3. Gamo Hornet Air Rifle

The safety and low cost characteristics of this Gamo Air rifle and ability to set up safe shooting outdoor shooting ranges can make your family picnics more fun.

The overall length of this air rifle is around 43.3 inches which includes the 18 inch long barrel. Weighing around 6.1 lbs, it can shoot PBA Raptor pellets at a velocity of 1200 fps and regular lead pellets at velocity of 1000 fps. You can use any .177 pellet with this air rifle. The stock of this air rifle is made of strong all weather molded synthetic material. It also has twin cheek pads which makes the rifle ideal for ambidextrous shooting. The grip and forearm section of the air rifle has non-slip texture design that ensures firm grip at all shooting angles. This air rifle is fitted with 4×32 Air Rifle Scope (with rings) that accentuates available light and helps you shoot more accurately. The scope ramp fitted in this air rifle is a grooved receiver that helps in perfect fitting of the scope in an easy way.

This Gamo Air Rifle is ideal for target practicing and for large and small pest control activities. It comes with a one year service warranty that also includes replacement of parts against manufacturing defects. The gun is intended for Adult use only.

4. Gamo Big Cat 1250

With one of this Gamo air rifle in your hand, you can solve the increasing problems of rodents in your backyard. Pest control is one of the activities where air guns are low cost and effective than other weapons.

This .177 caliber Air Rifle can shoot PBA pellets at velocity of 1250 feet per second (fps) and regular lead pellets at velocity of 1000 fps. The stock and barrel of this air rifle are made of sturdy material that enhances the safety of firearm. The barrel is made of polymer jacketed steel which is put through fluting process to reduce overall weight of the air rifle. The stock of this advanced air rifle is made of strong all weather molded synthetic material.

A ventilated rubber pad that absorbs shocks from recoiling covers the butt plate of the air rifle. Weighing around 6.1 lbs, the total length of this air rifle is around 43.3 inches which also includes barrel measuring 18 inches. The forearm and grip section has non-slip texture design and twin cheek pads which make it more suitable for ambidextrous shooting.

This Gamo Air Rifle has a 4×32 Air Rifle Scope with rings and two stage trigger system making it ideal for target practice. It comes with a one year service warranty. It is also suitable for small and large pest control.

5. Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper IGT

True to its name, the Silent Stalker Gamo air rifle is one of the quietest guns you can buy. Highly Accurate, this air rifle can be ideal to get rid of pesky rodents in your backyard.

This black Gamo Air The rifle is equipped with new Inert Gas Technology propulsion system which is only found in Gamo Adult Break-Barrel Air Rifles. Inert Gas Technology is far better than conventional propulsion system which is based on spring technology. Weighing only 7.15 lbs, this 43 inch gun has an 18 inch match grade fluted barrel which can fire a PBA Platinum pellet at a velocity of 1300 fps.

This multi-use rifle is ideal for pest control, small game hunting and target practice. The air rifle has two-stage trigger mechanism. It also has manual safety switch that prevents accidental release of firearm. The barrel of this rifle is put through fluting process to reduce the weight while the integrated ND52 technology effectively reduces 50% noise making it suitable for varmint shoots. The butt plate on this Whisper series of rifle is fitted with a Shock Wave Absorber Recoil pad that absorbs around 75% of recoil force.

This high-powered silent Gamo Air Rifle is ideal for pest control, target practice and small game hunting. It comes with a limited 1 year service warranty which also includes replacement of part against manufacturing defects.


If you are looking for an effective and very quiet gun, look no further than the Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper IGT Air Rifle or Gamo Hornet Air Rifle, .177 Caliber. With that said other options discussed also offer many unique advantages and may be suitable to people with a different set of requirements.

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