Best Duck Decoys For The Money – Top Rated on The Market for 2020


Duck hunting has fascinated an entire generation of kids thanks to the NES game Duck Hunt. You might not have a laughing dog to take along with you for your hunt, but the best duck decoys can still help you get the job done. Whether you’re looking for the best wood duck decoy, a mallard decoy, or something specific, duck hunting can be just as easy as it was in your living room so long ago.

The best way to know if a duck decoy is useful is to see what real customers are saying about it without any marketing gimmicks or need to make a profit. The chart below has the proven winners in this category.

Relying on a public review is good, but having tangible experiences is better. We decided to give the best decoys a go to see what would happen. We got our licensing in order, took the decoys out, and here are the strengths and weaknesses we saw with each one.

Best Duck Decoy Reviews:

1. MOJO Outdoors Baby Mojo Mallard Duck DecoyMojo Outdoors

This is an updated version of one of the best mallard decoys amongst hunters over time. The flapping wings, colorization, and sizing were perfect to attract circling ducks to make a splash landing. The only problem with the old Mojo decoys was that they had a bit of vibration to them that could scare off the ducks from time to time. This model has eliminated that issue. You can choose a drake or a hen, but this smaller model doesn’t have a remote, which is really handy to have. We found the best results with this decoy tended to come at sunrise or sunset.

2. Hard Core Brands 01-200-0001 Economy Series Mallard Floater Decoys

These floating mallard decoys are about as simple as it gets, but they’re still rather effective. If you think turkeys are paranoid, then you’ve never encountered ducks that don’t want to settle down. These floaters can help to convince a group that it is safe to come down for a look. The bodies are painted, so they won’t stand up to heavy wear and tear, but for the occasional hunt we found them to be useful. They are a bit fragile as well, so don’t drop them, but otherwise they’ll get the job done even if they don’t look overly realistic up close.

3. AvianX Top Flight Wood Duck Floater Decoy (6 Pack), Brown

These ducks look pretty realistic when out on the water. Even when there are winds involved, the movement is pretty natural. We noticed a little bit of a quality control issue on the hen, which tends to look a little more black than necessary, but from a distance it still looks pretty good. The drake is 100% spot-on and gets the job done, including the bit of a ripple that ducks tend to leave. These decoys are a bit of an investment compared to some others, but if you’ve got really stubborn ducks in your area, they can get the job done for you.

4. Avery Outdoors 73101 PG Mallardsbuttup Feeder Pack

These butt-up decoys have realistic colors and provide a tempting visual enticement to overhead ducks, but they also require some skill to use. You’ll want to have them on a jerk string since they have zero movement on their own. The paint is a little less in quality and overuse can potentially lead to a leak, but overall we were quite happy with their performance. They sit level, are the right size, and the fixed keels are what we’d expect. If you need a little variety in your setup, then we definitely recommend giving this duck decoy a solid look.

5. AvianX Top Flight Duck Back Water Mallard Decoy (6 Pack), Green

Are these the best mallard duck decoys on the market today? With 7 drakes and 5 hens, the anatomical proportions on these decoys is fantastic. We also love the one piece design, which includes the head and the keel, so you get realistic movement. The keel is also weighted, which further adds to the positive visuals ducks receive. They are a little small compared to other duck decoys in this category, so on their own some ducks might become a little suspicious. Otherwise we found them to be durable, useful, and worth the price.

Final Verdict:

The best duck decoys will help you bring in ducks all day long within range of your blind. Whether you have a helpful dog to retrieve your ducks or one that just laughs at you, these proven decoys will help you increase the chances of having a successful day hunting

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