Top 5 Best Deer Hunting Rifles That Will Fulfill Your Hunting Needs


For a successful hunting trip, a perfect hunting rifle is the basic requirement. Behind every adventurous hunting activity, a hunting rifle has an incredible role. However, while choosing the best deer hunting rifle from the crowd of many the hunter might get confused. Day by day new additions are being added to the rifles making them better than the previous ones.

There are a lot of manufacturers in the market today who are introducing great rifles every day. From the acute competition among the various deer hunting rifles it is difficult to choose one with the best specifications. Through this article you will find few easy tips which will help you choose a perfect rifle which meets your expectations and demands.

The Best 5 Deer Hunting Rifles

1. Remington 700

Remington series is the most popular deer hunting gun since they add an extra level of excitement to hunting. The accuracy of this gun is incredible. It is also considered as the number one bolt-action gun which was made in United States.

This gun possesses a legendary strength is the precise tactical strength of the gun makes it the best one for the military forces also. This 0.03 to 06 chambered rifle has many options and trims which make it the best one among deer hunting rifles. It is lightweight and easy to carry to hunting trips. The superior performance of the gun and great back-up sighting system hardly delivers any unsuccessful shot. Hence, for an exciting hunting trip invest your money in this excellent rifle.

2. Marlin Model 336

Marlin Model 336 is one of the most popular and reliable hunting gun since your grandpa’s times. The accurate lever-action of the gun makes it better from the rest. This gun is a great asset for passionate hunters, since 1948 this gun has been successful in proving itself in the field of hunting.

The rifle is available in many variations nowadays. With the new advancements in the field of technology, the rifle is also adding new features to it. It is chambered from 0.30 to 30 and hence gives the hunter a wide range to hunt. Till date, many deer hunters consider this rifle as the best one for hunting.  The solid action and the side ejection allow the hunters to place the rifle on top. The 336 rifles which were built before 2008 are comparatively better than the latest ones.

3. Winchester Model 70

Winchester Model 70 has been the favorite rifle of most of the hunters since years. The name of the company is enough to provoke the desire to hunt.  Since the year 1936 shooters from all over the world consider this as their beloved gun.

The rifle initially consisted of a reliable feed which is very important for hunters who plan a big game. It also comprises of 3-way wing which ensures safety and the accuracy of the gun is implausible. .257 Roberts cartridges were used to chamber the initial deer hunting guns. The slim design and the effective shots of the gun make it worth using for hunting till date. This classic rifle is worth investing your hard earned money.

4. Savage Model 11

An accurate hunting gun is exactly what a deer hunter wants. Savage Model 11 fulfills all the criteria of a perfect deer hunting gun. The AccuTrigger in Savage adds to the accuracy of the rifle. This trigger is popular among many other hunting rifles.

Savage Model 11 is undoubtedly the favorite hunting rifle of most of the shooters. The synthetic stock and the excellent optic of the gun are unbeatable. The specifications and the beautiful design of the rifle tempt the customers to buy the gun. The rifle has a perfect scope and is precise enough for deer hunting. So, prefer this gun since it will give you memorable hunting experiences for a lifetime.

5. Ruger M77 Hawkeye FTW Predator

Ruger M77 Hawkeye FTW PredatorAs the name suggests, Ruger M77 is undoubtedly a predator in the field of hunting. It is tough enough and possesses a laminate stock and adjustable spacers which provides the hunters an exciting experience of hunting.

The cold hammer and the barrel made of stainless steel play an important role in the Hawkeye actions of the rifle. The adjustable trigger and the controllable and reliable feed of the gun are sufficient enough to render excellent shots. A professional hunter would feel great to own this gun with the most efficient features. The superb performance and the durability of the gun make it worth buying. Therefore, for an exciting and memorable hunting experience prefer this rifle.

Tips To Choose The Best Deer Hunting Rifles

A perfect hunting rifle is the dream weapon of every adventure lover. The hunter and rifle bond cannot be expressed in words. And a proper hunting gun adds more life to this connection.

While choosing the best deer hunting rifle many variables need to be kept in mind. The weight of the rifle and the bullet, the scope, the action and many more things must be considered. Some more criteria to be kept in mind while purchasing a deer hunting rifle are:

  • Age and Gender of the Hunter

The person who is going to use the rifle must select one accordingly. If a lady or a young hunter is handed over a high powered gun, they might not be able to bear the noise, and the recoil of the gun. This in turn makes a negative impact on the hunter and they might not choose to hunt again.

The professional hunters can go for any highly powered guns only if they have an experience to handle them. Hence, age and gender is a big factor which must be kept in mind while choosing a hunting rifle.

  • The range of shot and the territory

The deer rifle you choose must be perfect for the type of terrain you are going to hunt in. Apart from that, the range of shots must also be kept in mind. For shorter ranges like 30 to 35 yards, rifles with 0.35 caliber rifles would do while for longer shots of 100 to 150 yards choose 0.35 to 6 caliber rifles.

The small range rifles are easy to use and can be operated very easily. They are fast and accurate and are sufficient enough to bring down the target deer.

An open area shot requires lots of accuracy and a perfect position. For hunters who want to make remarkable shots with their rifles must go through these specifications of the gun.

  • The restrictions in the area you choose to hunt

For dedicated hunting lovers, it is important to keep in mind the hunting rules and restrictions also. Buy rifles for areas where the use of guns while hunting is not prohibited.

In areas where hunting with rifles is prohibited, one must go for shotguns with a barrel. Although these slug barreled shotguns are do not have a long range, it is perfect for deer hunting as they have tremendous power and a terrific accuracy.

  • Muzzleloaders

Deer hunting lovers mostly crave for muzzleloaders. The rifles with muzzleloader have a huge caliber, great power to stop the target and a perfect accuracy. This modern technique installed in the gun makes loading and firing the gun easier for the hunters.

  • Weight and Material of the rifle

The rifles nowadays are made of composite materials which makes the rifle light-weighted and easier to handle. The rifles produced nowadays are less prone to erosion. Rust or breakage are not very common in these rifles, overall this new material has enhanced the quality and life of the gun.

Apart from every other thing it is important to choose a rifle which is perfect for you. So prefer a good quality rifle with which you are comfortable to hunt.

The Features Of An Advanced Deer Hunting Rifle

Before coming to a final decision the hunters must go through the specifications of the rifles. After proper research on the features go for the one which is worth your endorsements. A terrific deer hunting rifle with all great qualities will undoubtedly be the dream of all hunting lovers. Make sure that you look for these features in your rifle as well:

  • Excellent Optical System

Optical System is an intelligent feature found in the rifles nowadays which allows you to see through even in dim light. In the advanced optical system available in guns nowadays 98 percent reflection property is there which delivers the hunter a proper and bright view of the deer.

This feature gives the hunters a confidence that the shots they make from the gun have negligible chances of being unsuccessful.

  • Precise and Accurate

A successful shot is undoubtedly encouraging for a hunter. The incredible feeling of shooting the target in just one shot is possible with the guns with latest technologies.

The guns have high precision and a great accuracy which allows you to pin point the target and then deliver the final shot.

  • Zero Reset Feature

Hunting lovers will be glad to know that rifles are now available with zero-reset feature. This feature allows you to come back to the original settings in a single click. In case you miss the target or not satisfied with the present settings, you may utilize this zero-reset feature. A gun with this feature is perfect for the people who prefer deer hunting.

  • BDC Reticle

BDC Reticle is a coating on the lens of the rifle through which you can see through the target. It has the property of getting illuminated and hence target can be easily spotted. For a hunter a rifle with the target spotting feature is like a boon.

  • Eye Relief

While hunting you might have faced difficulty in seeing through the rifle for a longer time while spotting the target. The new generation deer hunting rifles have solved this problem by installing an eye relief feature in the guns.

The guns have 3.5 inches eye relief area where the hunters can rest their eyes while targeting the deer. This feature is appreciated by almost all the hunters as it provides a comfortable hunting.

Also, Keep In Mind…..

When you buy a deer hunting rifle you should surely go through the specifications of the gun but few other things must also be kept in mind.

  • Choose a gun which is long lasting and serves your hunting purposes for a lifetime.
  • There are guns which are versatile in nature, i.e. they are not only suitable for deer hunting but can also be used for other hunting trips.
  • The rifle which can be carried easily on a hunting trip as you have to carry other things as well.
  • The price charged by the manufacturer is worth the features the rifle possesses.
  • The one which does not require frequent maintenance to work properly.

With proper care and maintenance you can enjoy a successful and an enjoyable hunting trip. The long range and the excellent scope allow you to make sharp and successful shots.

For and unforgettable and an adventurous hunting a rifle with a perfect target recognition feature and unique specifications are the dream of hunting lovers. Choose a popular deer hunting rifle which provides a different and exciting hunting environment to the hunters.

Long Range Hunting Rifle

Long range hunting rifle is another great addition in the world of rifles which allows the hunters to shoot long ranges. The word long range rifle itself draws the image of a long gun with a long scope in our minds. A long range rifle is not only best for shooting long scopes but also serves other purposes of hunting.

The best long range hunting rifle not only makes noise but is also a perfect hunting weapon. It is a complete package of optics, ammunition, accuracy and precision. Thus, for an accurate and precise shooting experience from long distances one must prefer long scope hunting rifle.

Long range hunting rifles are dynamic, precise and are full of experience. While you go through the list of rifles choose the one with great reviews and excellent features. A perfect rifle will definitely give you an unforgettable and an enjoyable deer hunting experience.


A rifle is a weapon which defines the capabilities of a hunter. It reflects a hunter’s personality and his choice of weapons and hence one must choose a hunting rifle wisely. Apart from the type and range of the gun one must also research well about the effectiveness of the rifle.

The aforementioned points are of great help to the hunters who are looking forward to own a good quality deer hunting rifle. Make sure that the gun you invest is reflects your knowledge and passion about hunting. Never take decisions in a hurry, do proper research and then finally choose the best deer hunting rifle which meets your requirements.

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