There is many different Crosman Air Rifle selections out there today. Owning one of these air rifles can help you hunt, practice shooting targets, and more. Also called pellet guns, the air rifle uses a small pellet to shoot its target. Crosman rifles are among the best that money can buy, yet they are still very affordable for most budgets. This brand is known for producing quality air rifles (as well as other outdoor products) and has been doing so for more than 40 years now. There is a reason that so many people look to the Crosman brand to buy their air rifle.

Buying a Crosman Air Rifle

It is imperative that you understand an air rifle before you make a purchase. There are numerous sizes, styles, and prices to choose from, and the selected rifle that you purchase is dependent upon several factors, including how often you will use the rifle, what you are targeting, where you live, and similar factors. Some of the Crosman air rifle choices are better suited for children, while others should be used only by an adult. You also want to consider the cost of accessories for the air rifle, since there are several different things that you will want to purchase. Do not spend your money on an air rifle until you have determined what you will use the gun for and the ease of use of the gun.

Before you buy, take a look at reviews to learn what others say about the air rifle. Reviews make it simple to buy a quality product that you have confidence with. Reviews are available online and are free of charge to access.

Top 5 Best Crosman Air Rifles

To make purchasing your Crosman air rifle a bit easier, we have taken the liberty to find the top five being sold today. Investing in any of these air rifles will put a smile on your face and ensure that you are getting a quality air rifle that gets the job done.

1. Crosman Optimus .177

Crosman Optimus .177

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This Crosman air rifle has a ticket price of less than $100, so it is very affordable. It is equipped with a two-stage adjustable trigger and includes a 4x 32 mm precision CenterPoint scope. The air rifle can be adjusted for rear sight and also has fiber optic front site. The wood stock is attractive to the eye, so this Crosman air rifle is well-equipped and nice to look at.

2. Crosman M4-177 Air Rifle

Crosman M4-177 Air Rifle

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This pump air rifle looks rough and rugged! It is even more affordable than our first selection, priced less than $60. This Crosman air rifle has the ability to shoot pellets and BBs, with a 600 FPS for pellets and 625 FPS for BBs. The removable magazine is easy to use, and it stores your pellet clip for easy access. The air rifle comes with accessory rails, and the Firepower 5-shot pellet clip is included, with the ability to hold up to 350 BBs.

3. Crosman Nitro Venom Air Rifle

Crosman Nitro Venom

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This 22 Air Rifle has a name that suits it perfectly! It is designed for use on pest control and for small game hunting. Included is a 9 x 32 mm scope, with the ability to shoot up to 950 FPS for alloy and 800 FPS lead with 20 FPE. The Crosman air rifle weighs about 7.4 pounds and is equipped with a fluted muzzle brake for more accurate shooting than ever before. Once calibration occurs, the break of 200 – 250 shots puts time between subsequent calibrations.

4. Crosman Repeat Air Semi-Automatic 1077 Pellet Gun

Crosman 1077

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If you are looking for a Crosman air rifle that shoots accurately and quickly, this is the best choice. This air rifle features a semi-automatic shooter which has ability to fire as soon as you pull the rifle’s trigger. Included is a 12-shot rotary pellet clip that has Center Point sight and is adjustable. The attractive design of the air rifle is a plus, and the barrel made of steel and synthetic stock is perfect for all weather conditions. The rifle uses CO2 power and has 0.1777 caliber with a 625-foot-per-second muzzle velocity. The air rifle weighs just 3.7 pounds.

5. Classic Crosman Air Rifle

Crosman Classic Rifle

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If you want an air rifle that is simple and easy to use, the classic is made for you. This affordable air rifle is a top choice for beginners, and includes a one-year warranty. The caliber on this air rifle is 0.177 and velocity is 755 foot per-second. The multi-pump capabilities make it possible to shoot both pellets and BBs with ease.


Owning an air rifle gun is truly a pleasure for individuals who enjoy shooting. When it is a Crosman air rifle that you own then things become so much easier because this is a top brand that users have come to trust over the years. Check out the five recommended rifles above when you are in the market to buy, and never again will you miss out on all of the fun and excitement of pellet shooting. These air rifles have all of the things that you need, including quality, affordable prices, and amazing capabilities. You cannot go wrong!


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