Protecting your body should probably come as a high priority, right next to protecting your eyes, during an airsoft game. This means finding the best vest that is going to cover the vital areas of your body while running in the field.

Not only that, but you need this vest to be breathable since you might want to play when the sun is shining and the weather is nice.

I also did not want to worry about big cuts, welts or having pellets lodged into my skin while running around the field. I found some of the best airsoft vests on the market that not only were lightweight, versatile and comfortable but they protected where I needed to be protected.

I am of course, going to share these great vests with you and recommend them highly to those that want to protect their bodies while on the airsoft field.

After all, who wants to look like hamburger meat after they’ve played a match or two, I know I wouldn’t.

So protect yourself using one of these awesome vests and of course, as always, have a great time!

What to Look for in Airsoft Vests

  • Comfort: If you’re running around, then you need to be comfortable while you do so. This is just something that everyone wants, and it might be one of the biggest concerns you have while playing. Slip it on and see how it feels.
  • Breathability: Since a lot of people play airsoft when the weather is nicer, you’re going to want something that you can easily cool off while playing with. If it does not have the right vents and breathability, it is going to make you slow and uncomfortable.
  • Coverage: Since it is mainly to protect your body and vital areas, you need to make sure that you’re completely covered by the vest before heading out on an adventure. Check to make sure that you have the right size prior to ordering, so you can have this type of all over protection.
  • Weight: You’re going to be running around, so why would you want something that is going to weigh you down? A lot of times they come with pockets to hold your ammo and that is fine, but if the vest itself is too heavy then you’re going to end up hot, heavy and cranky halfway through the game.
  • Durability: The vest has to hold up to the test. This means being able to get more out of the game play when the time comes. You want something that is going to repel the bullets and not let them sink right into the material. This can cause further problems.

5 Best Airsoft Vests

1. Tactical Molle Airsoft Vest Paintball Combat Soft Vest Tan


One of the most comfortable choices on the market, the Tactical Molle Airsoft Vest provides the user with a comfortable way to play in the field without worrying about an uncomfortable fit.

Enjoy the extra padding inside that is not only lightweight, but durable so that the pellets are not going to slip and hold in the material. Additionally, the vents throughout it keep the person wearing it nice and cool.

The pockets on each side can hold the ammo that you need, as well as any handguns you might be bringing around with you.

Be prepared for the fight ahead when wearing this vest that not only provides protection but comfort. Both of these things are two of the best things you can get out of a vest.

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2. Modern Warrior Junior Tactical Vest


This vest is built for some of the smaller players out there and provides them with the coverage that they need. However, the Modern Warrior Junior Tactical Vest is also a great buy when you need coverage, comfort and durability.

One of the best on the market, the durable material covers a thick padding that provides the extra protection where it is needed the most.

The torso area has straps that allow you to form them to the sides of your body, allowing you to get the best fit possible. Additionally, you can enjoy the multiple pockets that allow you to carry your gear with you.

The mesh siding and straps give breathability when it is needed the most. The black color is something that is not going to hold you down, due to the vents throughout.

The material is lightweight, and waterproof so even if you sweat, you’re not going to ruin the vest.

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3. UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest


One of the biggest things about this vest is that the mag pockets are adjustable. So you can throw the UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest on and then adjust the pockets to the size of your mags.

Additionally, the high quality material is some of the best around, so you never have to worry about ripping or breaking down, even if you’re sweating or get hit a lot – because, hey we all cannot be awesome at this game.

The vest is completely adjustable, so you can fit it to your length and girth without a problem, no matter how big or small you might be.

The vest comes with a rescue pull, as well as breathable mesh throughout so you’re not weighted down and worried about sweat and heat inside the vest. The sniper shoulder on the vest provides a comfortable pad where you can rest your chin and gun while shooting.

This vest is fully loaded with everything you might want during game play, so why wouldn’t you grab something like this?

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4. WASING 800D Tactical Vest 4 Front Pocket Airsoft Tactical SWAT Vest

Made just like the police ones, the WASING 800D Tactical Vest is an exact replica of what you’d find their SWAT teams wearing.

If you want to wear something durable, cool looking and that has enough pockets to hold all of your items while on the field, then this would be the vest to use.

Made with high quality nylon materials and completely waterproof, even if you’re playing in the water or rain, you know you’re going to be protected from the outside elements that come around.

Additionally, you can enjoy the fully adjustable belts around the outside so you can form fit it to your unique shape before heading out.

All of the bags on the sides are removable, so you only carry the ones that you’re in need of and if you want to add patches to the sides, the velcro added all around can be used for this purpose. There are many benefits to this vest and these are just a few.

The vest also comes in different colors, so you can choose which would mesh better with the outside surroundings.

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5. Yakeda® Army Fans Tactical Vest


For the ultimate in game play, the Yakeda® Army Fans Tactical Vest looks and feels just like a real military vest.

You can protect yourself completely using the vest that propels the flying pellets that are coming at you. Enjoy the secure, snug fit that you can create yourself using the adjustable sliders on both the sides and the top of the vest.

Comes with pockets and pouches that allow you to carry all of the items along with you while you’re hitting the field for some more fun in the sun.

Made from nylon mesh material with vents on the top and sides of the vest to provide yourself with a way to breathe while wearing it and running around. Never worry about not being able to have the right fit or being slowed down when wearing it, since it was made to be breathable and comfortable.

The back of the vest allows the user to connect a hydration bladder to it with ease, so they can drink while on the go.


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