rotecting your eyes should probably be high on your priority list when it comes to playing airsoft. Not only are those little pellets dangerous, but they can be deadly to eyes if they’re ever in contact with them.

Of course, you’re probably protecting the other areas of your body, as well. I didn’t want to just head out without anything on.

Goggles though, airsoft goggles, that could withstand the shot of the bullet flying at my face was one of the biggest things I had to remember. I was fine with being shot in the arm and moving on with life, but I didn’t want to lose my eyesight because of one of these little flying balls of death coming at me.

I did some digging to find the best, most affordable and of course, durable airsoft goggles on the market and I am so glad that I did because they gave me hope that I could play without worrying about my eyeballs.

If you’re like me and want to protect your eyes during an airsoft match (which, you should be) then check out the five that I found that were high on the list.

Your eyes will thank you later.

What to Look for in Airsoft Goggles

  • Price: Price, while it does not protect your eyes, can protect your wallet when it comes to choosing a good, high quality pair of airsoft goggles. You want to be protected but if you’re not a huge player then you also do not want to break the bank to get them.
  • Durability: This should go without saying, but I will say it anyway. You want something that is going to last. No matter if you spend $20 or drop a few hundred, they should last through multiple shots to the face. You need to stay protected and if they’re not able to handle the job, then there is no point in wearing them, is there?
  • Coverage: Depending on how much of your face you want covered, the goggles come in bigger and smaller sizes. You’re able to cover the eyes, while also being able to cover a lot of your face, as well. Stay protected, get a bigger pair that form well to your face.
  • Field of view: You have to see to run around and make sure that you get the other team. This means finding a pair of goggles that one, won’t fog up within the first 20 minutes of playing and two, are going to give you a wide range of view.

Top 5 Best Airsoft Goggles Reviews

1. ELEGIANT CS Airsoft Tactical SWAT Goggles


Versatility with a tactical look, the ELEGIANT CS Airsoft Tactical SWAT Goggles provide you with a way to blend in with your surroundings. You never have to worry about them not providing you with the added protection that is needed during a game.

With lenses that you can switch out, you’re even able to block the sun out of your face so you know where you’re shooting while out in the field. The belt that goes around the head is adjustable, so it is able to fit almost anyone looking for additional protection.

Another great factor that you should consider with these goggles is that they filter the UV rays, while also providing a soft, comfortable grip to the face. This allows you to keep them close, but not have them too close so that they are too uncomfortable to run around with.

The wide range of view in them provides everyone with the perfect shot without blocking out the sides. You can make sure to see everything and everyone that you come across with ease and precision.

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2. Outdoor Tactical Vented Safety Airsoft Goggles

If you want something that vents while running around and does not hold onto your sweat, then these Outdoor Tactical Vented Safety Airsoft Goggles would be the way to go.

Not only do they provide the necessary breathable technology, but they’re also comfortable to wear when the time comes. They fully seal around the eyes, so you do not have to worry about not being able to protect your eyes from bullets that fly from the sides.

The wide range of view allows you to run, while also seeing the enemies that might to the sides of you without blocking your range of view.

The lens protector sleeve is built right into the goggles, while the head strap is adjustable to fit the shape and size of your head with ease. You can then tighten and loosen as you’d like, to have a more comfortable fit while you’re out in the field.

The polycarbonate lens stands up well to the bullets that come flying at it, which is one of the best features of these goggles. Plus, they look pretty cool when you’re wearing them.

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3. Airsoft Safety Goggles


Want to look cool, but be protected while out on the field? These Airsoft Safety Goggles provide you with the necessary coverage and protection you’d want from a high quality set of goggles.

They are completely ASTM approved, so you know you’re getting high quality without the high price that some of the other goggles might offer. They also meet the National Safety Standards, so you can feel confident knowing that you have protected eyeballs.

The adjustable elastic strap provides comfort around the head, while giving the best fit possible. Additionally, the comfort bands inside the mask can provide a comfortable way for you to view the field around you.

Anti-fog lenses keep you in the game for longer, while the wide range of view helps you win against the other team that might not have such good goggles to view through.

The polycarbonate lenses are also shatter-proof, making them ideal to use while out on the field, knowing that if they’re hit a few times, they are still going to be in the best shape possible.

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4. TOOGOO(R) 2 in 1 Protection Steel Mesh Face Mask with X400 UV Safety Goggles Airsoft


For complete face protection, choose the TOOGOO(R) 2 in 1 Protection Steel Mesh Face Mask with X400 UV Safety Goggles Airsoft that provide you with the ultimate in coverage during the games.

The metal face mask, though metal is completely lightweight and comfortable to wear. The mesh on the outside provides an easy way to breathe.

Additionally, the comfortable goggles that come with the set fit perfectly over the mask, so you do not have to worry about open areas of your face showing while playing the game. The goggles do not fog up since they provide vents in not only the sides, but the bottom.

Wear the mask or just the goggles, or put them together since they both come apart. The polycarbonate lenses inside the goggles provide a comfortable way to protect your eyes without worrying about the lenses shattering when they’re hit with the little metal balls.

The straps on both the mask and goggles are completely adjustable, so you can wear them comfortably and adjust as needed.

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5. Lancer Tactical Full Seal Airsoft Safety Goggles


Taking your gaming to the next level, these Lancer Tactical Full Seal Airsoft Safety Goggles provide the user with a comfortable way to see through the lens while not blocking the range of view around them.

The protective goggle sleeve is included so you do not lose, scratch or break the lens that is inside the goggles themselves. Additionally, the head strap can be adjusted to fit easily around any size head.

For an affordable price, these tactical goggles will not fog up or let you down, even when you’re sweating while running across the field.

The foam covered vents prevent the fog, but also provide the face with a way to cool down when it becomes too hot. They are also padded to provide additional protection to the sides of the face where the mask sits.

The polycarbonate lens is made to withstand multiple hits at close range without becoming scratched, dented or cracking; ensuring that your eyes are protected while in the heat of a battle. Which is what everyone wants from a high quality pair of airsoft goggles.

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