hooting air rifles can be exciting and fun, especially if you’re not into shooting real guns with ammo or if you’re teaching your children the proper use and shooting of a gun.

However, spending more than you want on one can be daunting. There are so many out there that can go for a good half a thousand dollars and I am sure you want to spend your money on other things, as well.

I compiled a list of some of the best air rifles out there, but that are all under $200 so you do not have to break the bank to just go out and have some fun shooting targets.

With many options on the market, you can still have fun shooting and not have to worry about price. Well, you won’t have to worry about your wife not loving the price, either because in my case both would be benefits to purchasing a cheaper but nicer air rifle.

No matter what purpose you have or what you want to go out and do with it, you can always stand strong with these options that are readily available and worth the price.

What to Look for in Air Rifles Under $200

  • Ease of use: If you’re teaching someone how to use the air rifle then not only do you need to know how to use it, but you need to be able to easily teach someone else how to use it when the time comes. Overly complicated air soft rifles need not apply.
  • Bundles: Some of the air rifles out there come in bundles with all of the items you need to get started. This is not only a great bang for your buck, but it helps you know what exactly you need when it comes to refill.
  • Shooting range: If you want to do target practice that is not right on top of you then you need to know the range that the gun has. This can be anything from a few feet in front of you to miles ahead so choose wisely.
  • Durability: How well the gun is going to last is a great big portion of which gun you go with. Not only do you need something that is high quality, but you need something that is made to last. Check out the materials the gun is made from first and foremost.

5 Best Air rifles under 200 Review

1. Daisy 880 Powerline Kit

Daisy has always been a trusted brand in the gun industry and when you’re using the Daisy 880 Powerline Kit, you can find out just why that is.

With this set, you not only get the powerful gun but you also get all of the items you need to start shooting right out of the box when it arrives on your front doorstep. This is a good thing, since you might not know where to start.

Another great aspect of this gun is that it is made with high quality materials and even provides you with the safety glasses, so you do not shoot your eye out, since that would be bad.

BBs are able to shoot 750 feet per second, while pellets are a bit slower at 715 feet per second. This is always a great consideration since you want something with power, but not something that is going to cost too much in the end.

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2. Ruger Blackhawk Combo Air Rifle

Ruger is yet another high quality gun name that is known throughout the gun world, so it is no surprise that their Ruger Blackhawk Combo air rifle made the list of inexpensive but high quality air rifles.

One of the best parts of this air rifle is that it provides the user with a 4×32 scope that you can view through to provide you with a more accurate shot, going 1000 feet per second.

The rifle only needs to be pumped to shoot the pellets out wherever you need them to go, while the accuracy of the gun is one of the best on the market since it has a rifle end and not a smooth one that you have to work with and manipulate to go where you want it too.

With a one year limited warranty, if you find something wrong with the rifle, you’re able to have it fixed so you can get back on track and shooting to your heart’s desire.

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3. Gamo 6110065654 Big Cat 1250 .177 Caliber Air Rifle with Scope

Being in control is a great thing when it comes to an air rifle. When you use the Gamo 6110065654 Big Cat 1250 .177 Caliber Air Rifle to your advantage, you can make sure to shoot whatever it is that you want.

One of the longest range air rifles on the market, you’re able to shoot up to 1250 feet per second, which is a great range considering some of the other ones.

The single cocking system and the grips on the sides allow you to have more control over the power and stability that comes from using the rifle to your advantage. The fluted barrel provides a more accurate shot than other rifles.

The one year limited warranty is also able to cover a wide range of issues that would need to be repaired or replaced if something should go wrong. All this for under $200!

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4. Winchester Model 77XS Air Rifle


Winchester is another great name in the gun world and it provides the user with a way to have something high quality without the high price. With the Winchester Model 77XS Air Rifle, you’re able to get the maximum in air rifle power.

The rifled steel barrel is much better than the smoother ones that you’d find on air rifles, since it provides the user with a more accurate shot.

The 4×32 Winchester scope provides the user with a way to see further when it comes to hitting the targets with such a long shooting range that comes with the gun. Shoot either pellets or BBs from the end of the gun.

Shoot up to 800 feet per second from the end of the gun and hold up to 50 pellets or BBs in the chamber for fast shooting action. One of the better made guns in the market and higher quality for more professional shooters.

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5. Crosman CFRNP17SX Fire Nitro Piston Air Rifle

For an easy rifle that packs the power needed to hit small game or targets, the Crosman CFRNP17SX Fire Nitro Piston Air Rifle provides the user with the most in power.

The rifled steel barrel not only provides precision but it provides durability for all of the BBs and pellets that are being sent out. This is a great device to use when the time comes and allows you to hit even the hardest of targets.

4×32 rifle scope is provided on the top of the gun, so you’re able to see further distances when the time comes. The adjustable trigger comes with 2 different stages that you can choose from, so you can make the gun more comfortable to your preferences.

The all weather, synthetic stock is perfect for those that want to learn more about this gun and be able to shoot the longest distances.

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Do you recommend any other good-value air rifles under $200?

We’d love to hear about it. You can also check out the best 3D deer targets, the best recurve bows for hunting and the best compound bows for beginners.


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