Modern era provokes us to think that impact lies in sophistication and not in simplicity. But an air gun can easily defy this illusive theory with its ingenious but simple design and of course with its incredible impact. The mechanism of an air gun is so simple that you can actually assemble it within minutes and go to hunt. So, if you love hunting, just get prepared to assemble an air gun.

Components of AirGun

We should have a clear idea about the components to assemble an air gun avoiding confusions. The main body of an airgun comprises

  • A rear cylindrical housing
  • And a guiding barrel

A piston is there to compress air. It carries a washer to ensure an airtight environment. Airgun also consists of a long spring which is essential to propel pellets. Apart from these there is a trigger and that’s all.

Working Principle

The working principle of an air gun is also quite simple. The barrel is attached with the piston via a slider crank mechanism which compresses air during loading of pellets. The piston makes the spring shrink and locks it while getting compressed. It remains in this state along with the spring until the trigger is pulled. The trigger unlocks the spring and the spring pushes the pellet. Thus it is fired.

How to assemble

A standard air gun kit provides the following things.

  • The main body comprising a barrel hinged with the cylindrical housing.
  • A trigger cam
  • A nozzle
  • A spring
  • A bolt to fix the spring

Generally a trigger cam is already attached with the casing of the main body. If it is not, you have to do that. The guiding barrelshould also be hinged already with the housing. Now try to fix the piston into that cylinder. To do this take the nozzle supplied by the manufacturers. This nozzle creates a connection in between the guiding barrel and the piston. At first fix the nozzle with the piston and then carefully insert it into the cylindrical housing. Once it is finished, you have to attach the long spring with the main body. Insert the spring into the housing and place it on the piston which is now already in the housing. Take a bolt provided by the kit and put it on the other side of the long spring. Now compress the spring until it is inserted totally into the housing and fix it with the help of the bolt. But be careful. This may injure your hands.

This is the end of the whole procedure and now you have an air gun in your hand. Remember, its accuracy is quite satisfactory and the power it generates is fair enough to produce a lethal blow. You can measure the accuracy and the range using some simple formulae of physics. They basically depend on the quality of components. So, buy a good quality air gun kit, assemble them and go to hunt. You will surely love it.


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