Although it is not as popular as basketball or soccer, it would be unwise to mock archery. While it is now practiced mainly as both a sport and a recreational activity, archery was practiced widely in the past for hunting as well as combat.It may be practiced mostly for fun and exercise now, but archery remains as dangerous as it ever was. Thus, if you’re planning to take up archery, you must learn the archery safety rules.

The Importance of Safety Rules for Archery

Needless to say, safety rules for archery were made in order to keep both the archer or Bowman and the spectators from harm’s way. But what’s particularly special with these rules is that they actually keep people from getting hurt or killed.

The worst that could happen to you during a game of basketball or soccer is breaking a bone. The worst that could happen to you during an archery competition or training session is getting one of your vital organs skewered by a stray arrow.

Basic Archery Safety Rules

In order to remain safe during an archery competition or training session, here are some of the basic archery safety rules:

  • Never point your arrow at somebody.
  • Only shoot your arrow when you’re sure that no one is in front of you, behind the targets, or is in the way of your arrow and the target at which you’re aiming.
  • Stand neither in front of or to one side of an archer or bowman while he is taking a shot.
  • Never shoot your arrow straight up into the air.
  • Never shoot your arrow into a distance where you can’t see where it will land.
  • Shoot only after the range captain or his designee gives his verbal approval.
  • Stay behind the shooting line when practising at ranges.
  • Load an arrow onto your bow only when you’re standing behind the shooting line.
  • Retrieve your arrows only when everyone has finished shooting and only after the range captain or his designee has given his verbal approval.
  • If you drop a piece of your equipment in front of the shooting line while shooting is in progress, retrieve it only after the shooting has stopped.
  • When carrying arrows, carry them in a quiver or always hold them with the arrowheads pointed downward—and never run.
  • When withdrawing your arrows from a target, make sure no one is standing in front of the target, behind it, or in your way.

Basic Archery Safety Rules for Kids

The same safety rules applies for kids. If your children wants to take up archery, they should follow the basic archery rules as mentioned above in order to remain safe during an archery competition or training session. It is best for kids to be under adult supervision at all time during an archery session.

In conclusion

After all, archery is among the most entertaining recreational activities there are. While they imply how dangerous this sport is, archery safety rules were made to enable people to enjoy it safely. But don’t just take my word for it. Take up archery to prove it for yourself.


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