This is Patrick Horne, a passionate hunter by nature. Hunting has been my routine for last 17 years and with an enthusiastic effort I would be glad to share my hunting experience through this website. I will try to guide you with my extensive experience of hunting, various tips & tricks, some stories and needed equipments for the same.

What could be more interesting than chasing a wild animal in the woods with a gun in your hand and the heavy panting accompanying you assuring nothing! The answer is also NOTHING. Hunting is listed as the most interesting and adventurous event one can choose. The deep woods with trees touching the clouds and hardly allowing lights to reveal the mystery it has been holding back since forever is the heaven for any hunter. Though it is not necessary to hunt only in the woods, people tend to follow this trend deeply, but we hear about hunting in dessert or some other places as well.

There are great hunters that we hear stories about and their deeds give us chills. Ben Lilly, Jack O’Connor, Jim Corbett, Ernest Hemingway are some famous names that hunters happen to worship. They became legends with their courage, intelligence and spirit. Some did this for saving other lives where some happened to use it as a way of enjoying leisure.

Hunting seems fascinating but the efforts it takes it also massive. One significant purpose of hunting is getting close to nature. One must learn to spend time outdoors facing extreme conditions for particular games. Stalking and tracking is an important part of hunting but you need to adopt the techniques of moving without leaving impacts. Your concentration will be dedicated solely on the target but you have to study the surrounding nature efficiently as it will provide you with great useful informations. The other thing that should occupy your thoughts is how the target moves and communicate and you have to inherit those as it’s necessary in that particular environment.

The next most important thing that plays major role in hunting is the rifle. Any hunter will always look for the most suitable rifle which becomes an issue sometimes due to lack of proper information. While buying a hunting rifle there are some necessary questions that you have to answer for yourself and it will lead you to your perfect choice.

Always try to spend 50% of your rifle expanse on any scope. Spending the same amount on both doesn’t make proper sense. Before buying any hunting rifle go through internet properly for it has an enriched views that will help you in long run but never forget to visit a gun-store. If you know anyone experienced in this case try to bring him/her in such cases. Always be careful about not buying a used firearm as there could be serious issues.

While buying, keep an eye on the outer side of the gun first. If it shows any kind of issues like rust or crack or pitted metal then more likely the inner side is also faulty and this should be excluded from your list. Sometimes games matter while choosing the rifle. These thumb rules will help you to choose yours wisely.

Except from rifle there are some tricks as well that experienced hunters seem to share with the beginners. Some useful tips from your seniors seem perfectly priceless.

Hunting will give you the experience that nothing else in this world can provide with. So pick up your gun, take the map, get into the woods and come back with flying colors to share that experience with the world.