Being new to something is always exciting as well as perhaps a little bit scary but if you are new to something like hunting it is best to be educated and on the safe side of things before you go out into the wilderness on your own. Below are the top ten tips that anyone who is new to hunting should know before starting.

  • Tip One – First things first you need to take a hunter’s safety course; search for one that is close to home and online. With that being said most states require certification in order to get a hunting license. However if it is not required it is still a good
  • Tip Two – Now you need to get your hunting license, this step is simple enough.
  • Tip Three – Your first time going out hunting should be with someone who is experienced; this is where you just watch and learn, follow what they do and you will be a pro of your own in no time at all.
  • Tip Four – It is best to be familiar with all of the regulations and laws that are local and within the state when it comes to hunting.
  • Tip Five – Know all about gun safety, some states may require this but either way it is still a good idea to do it and know all about it. Being safe is better than being sorry and you should live by the gun safety rules.
  • Tip Six –You need to get comfortable with your firearm and the only way to do that is to practice with it over and over again. Your first shot should not be in the field, you should practice with tin cans on top of fence posts, in shooting ranges, with targets and more beforehand.
  • Tip Seven – It is also best suggested to borrow a friends gun to use before you buy one of you own; this is suggested because you should know what to expect and how to handle one as well as what to look for before going out there and just buying one with no knowledge or no experience at all.
  • Tip Eight – When you finally do go out in the field to hunt you need to always be aware of your surroundings; this includes knowing what the landscape should look like as well as local features and even animal habits that there may be locally. After all this is where you are going to be hunting so the more familiar you are with it the more you can think like the animal you are hunting so the easier it will be to hunt in the long run.
  • Tip Nine – You need to always be properly geared up but with that being said you should keep it simple because after all you are still only a beginner. This means to wear good boots, to have a knife that is sharp, to have your gun and a decent amount of extra ammo as well as to be wearing camo. The color or kind of camo you should wear changes based upon what season it is that you are going hunting. Keep in mind you have the rest of your life to get more gear and the best stuff out there so just start off slow.
  • Tip Ten –When you go out in the field to hunt it is best to go after game that is small in size first. Deer hunting may seem like the obvious first choice but hunting deer is actually something that is complex to do. You will be better at hunting a squirrel first and then the principles you use to hunt the squirrel you can use later on in your life with hunts that are bigger and better.

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