What Safety Precaution Should You Take When Hunting from a Boat?

Every time that I’ve ever been hunting from a boat, I’ve always had safety on the brain. You really can’t be too careful these days, and with regulations and other people out hunting, safety should be something that is on everyone’s minds as well.

So here are what Janet consider to be the precautions that you should keep in mind (and I do as well) each and every time you go out on the boat.

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Understand Your Boat

This is critical because there are a lot of people, whether just fishing or hunting from their boats that don’t know all the Ins and outs of operating it. Before you ever go out, make sure that you are well educated on everything that your boat is capable of, and most importantly, the limitation of that boat as well.

Carry Lighter Loads

You might find this bit of advice in a hiking camping guide as well. The less you have to take with you, the less burden you are patting on yourself and the functionality of the boat you are in. Take a few minutes each time you head out to assess what things are Important, and what’s just (literally) weighing you down.

Understand the Local Weather Conditions

It shouldn’t be hard to determine why bad weather on a small boat a dangerous situation to find yourself in. I personally check a few different weather application on my phone to determine whether or not there’s a chance that the weather could turn bad while I’m out. Don’t risk your – or your boat-being stubborn.

Avoid the Use of Drugs or Alcohol When Boat Hunting

There’s always that innate temptation to my drinking (or even drugs) with outdoor activities like this. Being Impaired on a boat la not only a dangerous situation for you, but it puts everyone else’s life at risk too who is out there with you. While I am a fan of a few cold ones myself, that cooler doesn’t have a place on my boat.

Wear the Right Clothing

Clothing that you wear should not restrict your movement, but all provide protection from the cod (or heat). When you are considering attire, I tend to think of what would be easy for me to swim in (or to shake loose of) If I were. Unexpectedly fall into the water.

Wear a PFD

Wear a PFDAnyone that ever comes hunting with me (much to their annoyance sometimes) must wear a personal floatation device when we are on the boat. It doesn’t matter how great of a swimmer someone is, If you are bogged down with gear, swimming can be difficult.

Never Bunt Alone

You cannot predict what can happen on a boat. Just last year when a friend of mine and I were changing our position, the boat caught on a large log and threw me out. While I had my PFD on, the water was freezing cold and I had someone that could help me to get back in the boat and operate it back to the shore.

Distribute Weight Well Along the Boars Centerline

A boat isn’t ever a long way away from capsizing. Improperly loading your boat (putting heavy things on one side or the other) is a quick way to learn just how unstable they really are. Instead, load up your gear along the centerline of the boat where the distribution is even and the boat is most stable.

These are just the things i consider to be mast Important when it comes to hunting from a boat. Of course there are other things to consider but these precautions should always sit near the top of the list.