Hunting Deer Call Tips

Nowadays the task of hunting antelope has become much easier due to the arrival of deer call. It is basically a small pipe-like tool that helps to produce the exact vocal sounds of the deer with utmost perfection.

This instrument helps hunters to shot down their prey from a comfortable hideout place without creating any furor in the jungle. There is no point to invest money when you can also make this tool at home.

Beginners like you frequently encounter the problem of how to make a deer call? For overcoming this problem, you have to read the prescribed guidelines by Kristopher thoroughly.

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Methods of making a deer call

Deer CallFor preparing a flawless deer call, you first have to gather the essential components that mainly include the following below:

  • Sandpaper
  • PVC glue
  • ¾ inch 2 O-shaped rings
  • PVC pipe of 1 piece that must be of 1 inch and another piece of PVC pipe which must be of ¾ inch

First, you have to put the sandpaper into the 1st piece of PVC pipe measuring 1 inch and then bring the other pipe piece measuring ¾ inch to fold the remaining paper sheet.

Now you must include the O-rings into the either end of the PVC pipe piece measuring the ¾ inch and then push them till they come close at a distance of one inch apart.

Now apply the glue to the paper wrapped portion of the ¾ inch pipe and then attached it with the wrapped end of the 1 inch PVC pipe taking care of O-rings that must be tightly attached to the both ends to make the seal of the deer call tight and water-resistant.

Once glue gets dry then try to blow air through the inner passage of the tool to produce the exact vocal sound of a deer in different pitches.

Ideal occasion to use a deer call to lure the prey

A wise hunter always waits for the arrival of the appropriate timing to blow the deer call. It is because a deer produces different sounds depending on various environmental factors and blowing such tool at the inappropriate moment can raise the suspicion of the antelope.

So you have to utilize the appropriate environmental conditions before blowing a deer call. These mainly include the following points below:

  • Exploiting the Early Seasons

You can easily grab the attention of the antelope species during the early season through producing the sound of fawn bleat which is basically a mating call or socialization call.

You must resist from producing other vocal sounds because that can alarm the deer from coming towards you.

Before blowing the deer call, you must select a convenient shelter within the vicinity of the food sources to easily draw the attention of the antelope species.

  • Utilizing the Pre-rut and rut phases

Experienced hunters always prefer to utilize these periods to easily draw the attention of the antelope species through blowing the deer call to obtain a close target range of the prey without any difficulty.

During these phases, a deer is engaged in search of a suitable mating partner through producing a special kind of vocal sound to establish communication with the female counterpart.

So using a deer call you have to produce such mating call so that the antelope comes running towards you without any hesitation and once the prey is within the range then shoot it down immediately.

  • Wait for the arrival of late seasons

You can also exploit the late seasonal phases to hunt down the deer at a close shot without creating chaos in the forest.

During these phases also a mature deer always try to establish a mating communication with its female counterpart through emitting a unique tending grunt sound.

You just need to alter the vocal pitch while releasing such sound through blowing air into the deer call to smoothly receive the response of the antelope before aiming the rifle towards it.

Never produce such vocal sound quite frequently because that can raise the suspicion of the deer which ultimately thwart your hunting trip to a great extent.

Other factors that must be considered while blowing a deer call

  • bh_top-calls-for-deer-woods_aAlways proceed with a low pitch sound

You must desist from producing a high pitch sound using a deer call at the beginning because that can alarm the antelope as a signal of any unknown danger which is approaching towards them.

So you must begin to lure the deer through blowing out a low-intensity sound at the first step and then concentrate on enhancing the volume pitch to seek the response of the prey from another end to shoot it down easily.

  • Suppress unwanted noises through fawn bleats

Sometimes accidentally beginners like you create unwanted sounds through stamping a twig under the boot while hiding inside the thick bush.

This can automatically alert the deer and to avoid such suspicion you should immediately release the vocal sound of the fawn bleat using a deer call.

It is because a deer is very much accustomed to the trend of fawns blundering behind the trees and so you have the chance to avoid this accidental mistake to easily obtain the antelope within the closer target range.

  • Keep your rifle or bow ready

Before putting the deer call into the mouth, you must fully load your rifle with bullets once choosing a suitable hideout spot.

You can also use a shooting stick to mount your gun or crossbow and then focus on luring the deer into your trap through producing the exact sound using this small pipe tube.

You have to shoot down the deer once obtaining its clear view within the target range otherwise, the prey will flee once noticing the sign of danger.


Once you strictly observe these basic tips and trick, you can easily hunt down deer in large bucks to showcase as a trophy before others.

But first, you need to develop an impeccable dear call to taste success in different hunting trips.