Frequently Asked Questions about Hunting

Hunting is considered to be one of the most adventurous activities we happen to indulge ourselves in. Although it is said that hunting is in our blood considering the survival of prehistorical men, it would be really foolish to chase something without having proper knowledge. Hunting fun can turn into horror real soon when there is lack of concentration or knowledge or some weapon inconvenience. There are some basic facts that all beginners must know and having a clear view of these things will pay you in the long run.

Here are 10 most frequently asked questions about hunting that will make the journey easy and you will feel confident in front of your game.

The questions are categorized for convenience.


Whenever you leave for hunting your little ones may ask to join you. Before breaking their hearts here are some information that might help.

1. While hunting, am I allowed to take my children?

2. Can I let my daughter or son hunt while I’m hunting?

3. Can I shoot a deer with a spear from a tree?

4. What is meant by antlerless deer?

5. What types of scopes I can’t use in New York?

6. How to know which blades are legal while switching to mechanical blades from fixed blades?

7. What legal attractants are available for deer hunting?

8. Am I allowed to use my Regular Season Tag while being on a Special Season?

9. Can I carry a hand gun while hunting?

10. Is it oaky to leave my box/ground/climbing stand or tree in forest for the entire session?

These are the most frequently asked question about hunting. These will make things easier for you and properly following the rules will save you from any kind of trouble. To go according to the rules is very important in hunting otherwise your license can seized and may lead to uneasy consequences.