Frequently Asked Questions about Air Rifle, Pellet Guns

Air guns seem to have controversy over everything. The idea people have is very vague and you seldom come across any expert. Therefore it is problematic for a beginner to buy an air rifle. It isn’t only used in hunting but there are different purposes as well. Because of the all the rumor it happens to carry with itself, it is very important to provide people with the right information.

This article deals with some basic information that will give you a clear view about air gun and it also answers the most frequently asked questions about air rifle, pellet guns etc. that will help you in this field.

1. Would moderators reduce the performance of my air gun in terms of power and accuracy?

2. Do I need to clean my rifle barrel?

3. How often should I clean my rifle barrel?

4. Does the pallet get slowed down due to tighter rifling?

5. May using lighter pellet make it faster in velocity and flatter in trajectory?

6. How to clean my rifle barrel?

7. How does air stripper work?

8. May I fit a stripper to my hunting rifle?

9. Is it okay to have more power than 12ft/lbs.?

10. What are the best pellet?

This is basically all the useful information you need for your hunting fire arm. So to choose an air rifle/air gun or make it work efficiently you can go through these most frequently asked questions about air guns, pellet guns.