How To Choose The Best Deer Rifle Gun For Your Hunting Adventure

As humans, we all wish to have perfection in whatever we do! The first grader when answers all the math problems on her own gets a big star at the top of the test paper. Even the bartender is rewarded when he serves a perfect martini. Then why it has to be different when it comes down to the deer hunting?

The rifles are available in different varieties, shapes, materials, prices, and sizes. This experience is overwhelming, isn’t it? You must be wondering right, which rifle you should be choosing. I will tell you which rifle you should go with.

Let’s do the Backward Induction

It is the process used to choose the rifle and trust me; it is the best way to select one. It is theory reasoning. Firstly, answer the question:

What type of game are you planning to hunt?

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This question will help you narrow down the rifle you should be choosing and narrowing down the choices. This decision helps you figure out what types of cartridges you’ll require to buy. In return, these cartridges will restrict the kinds of rifles you can utilize.

For example, take a thirty-oh-six rifle. Well, it’s not a rifle model; it simply means that rifles can fire the .30-06 Springfield cartridge. So many rifles can do that. The rifle that you decide to go with has to be able to shoot the cartridge you chose.

Selecting the Right Ammunition

Don’t just think about the cartridge; take ammunition in consideration. Select the ammunition that just doesn’t promise humane kill but also preserves as much meat as possible. If you select the ammunition, which is more powerful than your requirement, the animals won’t suffer more, but you won’t be left with more meat. If you use the ammunition weaker than what you need, animals will suffer more before they die.

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Other Factors

Once you decide the cartridge you require, you can concentrate on other factors.

  • What should be the ideal weight of a rifle?
  • Which materials captivate you?

Let’s get started with the quick glance at the types of game you like to hunt along with cartridges you should be using:

  1. Rifle Cartridges

Some people know rifle cartridge as Bullets. But in reality, bullets are just the part of this cartridge. The rifle cartridge is nothing but a case that consists of gunpowder, primer and the bullet on the tip. The primer ignites the gunpowder; which in return propel down the bullet from rifle’s barrel and then to the target.

The housing of this cartridge stays at the back. You will need to throw out spent cartridge on your own, or the gun will do it automatically. If you think selecting a rifle is an intimidating task, you will be enticed to give in when you look at the various cartridges available in the market. Cartridges are named based on the bullet caliber and the diameter of the bullet.

For the smaller hunt, you can use less-caliber bullets. A .22 or .17 caliber bullets would be a great choice. If you think about hunting large game, you should use bullets of calibers that range from .24 to .45. Remember one thing; the powerful cartridges will have more recoil.

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  1. Materials and Rifle Actions

Rifles can be divided into categories: repeaters and single shots. The repeating rifles hold some cartridges at the same time. The single-shot is the way it sounds. You can shoot a rifle just one time before you put the new cartridge inside the rifle. Rifles seem to have different actions mechanisms which give out the spent cartridge before you move the new cartridge inside the chamber.

Many hunters incline towards single shots because they want their guns to be sleek and elegant in look. You know single-shot rifle makes you nostalgic as they remind you of historical rifles used in old times for America. The thing with single shot rifles is that they pressurize the hunter as the shooter has to be extra conscious while aiming to shoot down the game in just one shot.

Single-shot guns come in many different mechanisms and styles. For example:

  • Falling Block
  • Rolling Block
  • Trapdoor
  • Break-Open

Falling block rifles are said to be accurate as they work well both for right and left-handers.

You know the Remington Rifles, right? Well, this Remington rifle is a typical American rifle. It is also used in building sniper custom rifles for law and military applications. American hunters have been using this rifle since ages. It so popular that the very first question comes to our mind is “What’s the best scope for Remington rifle?”

Well, the rifle scopes vary according to the different versions of Remington 700, diverse as women and men who shoot and hunt with them.

Apart from this Remington rifles, you can go for deer hunting rifles which are AR 15 trigger rifles. Surprisingly, there is thousands of variety for the best AR 15 triggers in the market, and you’ll be overwhelmed after knowing those options.

Did you guys enjoy reading the article? If yes, please let us know. Feel free to comment your views and queries in the below section. Happy hunting!